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Which are the world’s top airline companies? Which airlines meet the highest standards in safety, traveller satisfaction, and customer support? We will find out here.

According to Skytrax, the ultimate voice of airline industry, which gives away the annual World Airline Awards, the following are the world’s top ten airlines.

1. Cathay Pacific

One from Asia, this Hong Kong based company repeatedly fares high in customer satisfaction, number of passengers carried and cargo handled. Sure, they have survived the depression scare quite brilliantly too.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore may be a tiny country in Asia. However, the airline of that country is repeatedly at the top of the world. In fact, majority of the passengers are from outside that country. The number of passengers far exceeds the total population of that country.

3. Asiana Airlines

This South Korea airline has 516 daily flights in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. It covers four continents and has a great network in Asian region.

4. Qatar Airways

This Doha based airline serves 80 international destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia. Passengers have comfortable travel experiences.

5. Emirates

A subsidiary of The Emirates Group, of United Arab Emirates, this Dubai based airline has 91 destinations in 55 countries. Their planes fly to Los Angeles, New Delhi, Singapore, etc.

6. Qantas

This Australian based airline company scores it high with passengers. Noted as the safest airline in the world, this one repeatedly gives world class travel experience for its passengers.

7. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways belongs to Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, with flights to about 50 destinations.

8. Air New Zealand

The national airline of New Zealand serves 26 destinations in 14 countries in Asia, Europe, North America and the Oceania region. It ranks among the top 10 for its services.

9. Malaysia Airlines

This Kuala Lumpur based airline company has some meticulously maintained planes, covering Asia, Middle East, Europe, Australasia, and to Los Angeles. It receives a five-star rating along with Asiana, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Singapore Airlines and Kingfisher Airlines from Skytrax.

10. Thai Airways

The non-stop 18 hours flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles, the ‘Most Hygienic In-Cabin Environment’ programme, etc are some of the highlights of this Thailand based airline company. It ranks high for its service.

Those are the top 10 airlines of the world for the year 2009, a list prepared based on interviews with the passengers.

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