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If you are looking for a cruise ship job, there are a number of things that can be done to boost the odds in your favor. By nature it is a highly aggressive industry, and whatever you can do to increase your chances of that dream job must be carefully planned and implemented. Joining an agency to help you with the process of finding a job is one of the key activities that you can do.

Because of the high job application volume, the cruise ship industry uses agencies to help them. The companies, themselves, use agencies to find the best candidates because they cannot cope with all of these. The agencies interview the applicants and do all the hiring, leaving the cruise companies free to focus on other things.

Finding work on cruise ships for staff is the agency’s job, and of course agencies earn money when you start working, meaning that they are going to be on your side, helping you to find jobs so that they can also earn their commission. They also have the contacts to make things happen, and they will probably know the right people to approach to find you the work, which is a huge advantage for you.

When you send an application directly to a cruise line company, it can sometimes get lost amidst a sea of other applications where it may even get forgotten about. With an agency you don’t have this problem, and they are also able to give you advice about boosting your chances of being awarded a cruise ship job. This means getting you to accentuate your best points to present yourself in the best manner, increasing the odds that you will get employed.

There are agencies that do not charge fees and this is a good place to start. The agencies should not take their fees from you, but directly from the cruise line company, so try to avoid the agencies that charge a registration fee. This means that they will be more keen to get you the job as they only get paid commission.

But there’s more when it comes to finding positions on cruise ships. If you decide not to go with an agency, then one thing you can do that will really increase your chances is to include a photograph along with your resume when you submit it. This always goes down well with cruise lines as it offers something a little bit extra. Many of the people responsible for hiring staff have to look through hundreds of resumes, and if yours has a photo then it can really help you to stand out from the rest.

And when it comes to getting employed, anything that can make you stand out above the rest is worth doing. If you can get their attention through something as simple as a photo, then surely you cannot afford to forget it.

As long as it is a pleasant photograph that shows you looking smart and smiling, that’s all they are looking for. Don’t worry about getting a photo taken professionally, because they are just looking to see how well you present yourself. Because working on a cruise ship means working with people, it is important to present yourself well, which will put you ahead of everybody else from the start – this is another way to boost your chances of success.

So if you want to increase your chances of finding work on cruise ships, go with a professional agency or at least remember to include a photo in your application, and you’ll put yourself in a much better position to land that dream job.

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