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You've finally got that point in your virtual relationship where you both agreed you should make the next, big step, that of meeting in the real life. Some of you might not have any ideas of how to proceed with it, where to take your partner, what to do and specifically how to do it … Experiencing this myself, I've come up with some ideas in the list below, where from you can help yourself and maybe even finding them come in handy.

For the lads:

1. Inquire her about her tastes in literature and memorize something written by her favorite author. Take her for a romantic car drive or a walk (depending on the season) in the evening and surprise her by reciting it to her.

2. We all know Paris as the capital of romance. If you can not afford a trip there then bring Paris to her by creating a Parisian atmosphere at your place. Using a baguette, some good cheese accompanied by a French wine and maybe even some Edith Piaf (or some other French chansons) on the background should do the trick. Some French phrases would not be bad either ("Oh-la-la", "Mon amour", "Je t'aime cherie", etc.).

3. Depending on her musical and cultural tastes you can buy tickets for a crazy concert, fancy opera or even a Broadway show.

4. The old-fashioned date night of going to the cinema is in combination with the "yawn-stretch-arm over her shoulder" trick so outdated that it can be your ticket to score (no offense ladies).

For the gals:

1. Show your "Prince Charming" that you're not a picky Princess and you excel in other fields than the bedroom (something he'll find out sooner or later) by taking him for a game of tennis, basketball or even karate.

2. There's a rumor that men are better cooks than women. Well I'm not here to judge, but you can at least prove your man wrong and outdo this belief by creating a fabulous picnic-bag, dressing all up ('because love does not pass only through your stomach, but in front of your eyes as well) and drive to a quiet place where you can enjoy yourselves.

3. If you're both adrenaline junkies then you could spend your day together into an Amusement Park so that the butterflies in your tummy get a real good shake.

4. If you like it just plain and simple, meet in a coffee shop and if it goes well follow up with dinning in a restaurant.

The important thing is that you both feel comfortable and have the right environment to get to know each other better because in the end that's what the first date is all about.

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