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Imagine a world without wildlife. A world without elephants; a world without tigers; a world without monkeys; or a world without lions. Almost impossible isn’t it? We’ve all grown up taking our wild animals for granted and knowing that, although we don’t get to see them all that often, they’re out there somewhere; where they’re supposed to be, doing what they’re supposed to do. But as more and more of our precious animals become endangered or threatened through loss of habitat, pollution, human interference or disease, the chances of losing some species of animals forever are becoming more and more real. Wildlife conservation is, thankfully, a high profile cause in many parts of the world. However, the responsibility lies with all of us to do our bit, no matter how small, to ensure the preservation of every member of the animal kingdom. So, how can you help?

Make Tracks for Malawi

In the centre of one of the poorest regions in the world, is one of the most uplifting and heart warming wildlife conservation projects in the world. The ‘Bornwild’ program covers three areas; conservation, community and sports. The conservation part of the program incorporates the rehabilitation and maintenance of the environment, as well as assisting in research and tracking of wildlife, and education within the community to understand and promote conservation and organic farming. There are short and long term projects to get involved with, and it can be extremely rewarding to see your efforts pay off in the form of local participation and greater understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation.

An Indian Interaction

Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary in Goa is as peaceful as the delightful Goan people themselves. The work that the staff of the sanctuary undertakes is vital to the survival of the numerous endangered species that live within, including, amongst others, panthers and leopards. If you choose to volunteer at Cotiago you will become involved in all aspects of the sanctuary’s work, particularly the rehabilitation of sick or injured animals. You may assist the vets with their care and treatment, and witness their return to their habitat once recovered.

If you like your wildlife conservation work to be a little tamer, there is also a Turtle Preservation Program in Goa. As well as helping keep the turtles’ habitat safe and clean in their 24 hour beach watch, you can also become involved in educating the local community of the dangers that threaten the turtles, such as litter and human interference.

Sri Lanka – Two Species Worth Saving

In Sri Lanka, you can become involved in the wildlife conservation work of two very different animals. On the surface, the elephant and the leopard don’t have much in common, but in truth, both are facing an uncertain future. Due to excessive loss of habitat, vital work is being undertaken to conserve the remaining numbers of the Sri Lankan Elephant, and the endemic sub-species of the leopard that lives in the island’s jungles. You will work closely with the experienced rangers and researchers on a variety of exciting projects, focusing heavily on the human/animal conflict in Sri Lanka. As well as work out in the field, monitoring elephant and leopard numbers and maintaining their habitat, you will become involved in the education programs already running in local communities.

Whichever way you choose to do your part will not only play an important role in world wildlife conservation, it will also be a wonderful adventure that you will never forget.

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