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The clothes you choose express your personality. If you want to be fashionable and you are environmentally conscious, recycled clothing could be the right choice for you. The United States Environmental Protection Agency brought out a report on Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recycling, and Disposal in the US. It defines clothing as non durable textiles as they generally last for less than three years. 17% of textiles were recovered from the generated waste. If you sort out clothes before disposing your garbage, waste can be lessened. Recycling reduces the need for landfills. This allows land to be used for other purposes.

Clothes made from organic cotton are better for your skin. Organic cotton is grown without using fertilizers and pesticides, from plants that are not genetically modified. Hemp is a durable soft fabric that is made from plants. It is another good choice as it requires fewer resources to grow than cotton. You may wear natural clay dyed clothes. Clay dyes are made from the irons and minerals in the earth.

Another advantage of wearing clothes made from recycled materials is that they are often one of a kind. Recycled clothing will often have animal or bird prints. By wearing these kinds of clothes, you can show your affinity with the cause of saving the environment.

Recycled clothing is easy to maintain and can be comfortable to wear while you do yoga, run errands, and lounge around the house on weekends. Nightwear made from organic cotton can help you sleep better.

Sustainable clothing is usually better made than standard clothing, so it lasts longer. Even if it is more expensive, if it is long lasting it can be worth the price you pay. Also, you feel good about being environmentally conscious. You can replace your worn out clothes in a gradual manner so that you don’t spend a large sum at one go. Choose certified organic cotton and fair labor products. They must meet strict federal requirements regarding how the cotton is grown. An easy way to buy these kinds of clothes is to visit online specialty shops.

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