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Why use a Travel Agent to plan your Destination Wedding?

In these times of amazing technology, many people plan their own trips rather than use a travel agent. I think it’s partially because they think they’re getting a better deal that way (which is not the case).

But ask yourself this: « Why would it be any different when planning your destination wedding? » Obviously, being a travel agent myself, I am slightly biased…but let me explain why I think working with a travel agent is the smart choice!

Sort of like a mortgage broker…
Travel agents are sort of like mortgage brokers – they can take your ‘list of wants’ and go to the many tour operators to find the best price, terms and conditions, special perks – and then come back to you with the results.

This process can take days and use up lots of your time, so why not let someone else do the leg-work for you? Plus, a destination wedding travel agent has gone through the process many times, so we know the questions to ask!

…but not at all like a mortgage broker
Unlike a mortgage, once you choose your resort and price, a good travel agent will track your trip on a daily basis to find the best price reduction.

Many tour operators will allow a wedding group to reduce the price of your package once if a promotion comes up. However, there are usually many loopholes to this, and a travel agent can explain it in simple terms and safe guard your best interests.

As a side note, some travel agents are loathe to offer this service so make sure you ask if they’ll do this for you. Also, if you work with a tour operator directly (cutting out the travel agent) they definitely do NOT inform you of lower prices, so it would be your responsibility to check for a price drop.

Communication is key
 » What is the safest room on the resort for my family?
 » Can I get a motorized scooter at the airport because of my bad leg?
 » When is the balance of my trip due again?

Between choosing your dress, setting up the wedding website and working with the wedding coordinator at your resort, you probably don’t have much time left to answer these questions from all 40 of your closest friends and family.

Let your travel agent work with your group to arrange special requests, answer questions and send reminders out. It’ll take a lot off your plate.

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