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Sarah Aviation is authorized representative of a major US Company specializing in type-rating in Boeing 737 NG, Airbus 320 and CRJ and also has arrangements for rating on B-200 and C-90. Sarah Aviation is actively engaged in conduct of training for aspiring CPL students.  It conducts ground classes and also makes arrangements for their flying training.  It has tie-ups with two flying training school in India and 9 flying training schools in Philippines, USA, South Africa and Austria.  It is the company policy of Sarah Aviation not to identify those schools on its website as this is a very exclusive website for providing information regarding itself and not its partner schools.  Students are given full freedom of choice in choosing their schools depending upon their budget.

To become a Pilot each one should have CPL (Commercial Pilot License), initially the aim of any CPL student is to “somehow” pass the DGCA examination and obtain his license. This compels them to join the classes where a single person teaches all the subjects, relying mainly on question banks. To become a commercial pilot, you must be qualified to obtain a commercial pilot license or CPL. This also involves many hours of flying, plus theory examinations. A new CPL holder would need either a command instrument rating or an instructor rating, in order to meet the requirements of the employer. You can also obtain professional training for aircraft repair and other mechanical jobs and acquire the necessary skills. Air traffic control is another promising and rewarding career option in the aviation industry.

Aviators can be categorized as civilian pilots and military pilots. Civilian pilots also include airline pilots. Entry to this field has certain minimum criteria vis-à-vis physical health and a certain level of education, including includes English, math, and science. One has to be eighteen years of age to commence training and should be twenty-one years of age and should have completed 1,500 hours of actual flying at the time of he or she obtains a license. Flight or pilot training is a course of study used when learning to pilot an aircraft. The overall purpose of primary and intermediate pilot training is the acquisition and honing of basic airmanship skills. Pilot training is gaining a lot of interest and momentum these days especially among the adventurous types and prospective pilots. This has resulted in the opening up of many aviation academies in India like Sarah Aviation , Chimes Aviation Academy etc

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