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Business travelers are faced with a variety of options when they must fly to another city for a company meeting or other important event. Travel on commercial airlines is a popular choice for business travel, but as anyone who has ever flown on a commercial jet knows, the larger airlines are not always reliable when it comes to scheduling their flights. Delays, canceled flights, and other problems are commonly encountered when business travelers journey on the big airlines.
Fortunately, there are other flight options for business travel, and perhaps the best of these is the option to rent a charter jet. A private charter jet allows the traveler to set his or her own schedule and avoid many of the delays that can come with traveling on a commercial airline.
Some people will not consider renting a charter jet for business class travel because they mistakenly believe that it is more costly to fly on charter jets than it is to fly on commercial planes. Actually, inexpensive charter flights are available for every major route, and flying several people on one charter can save a company some money when compared to flying them all commercially. Moreover, when you consider the time that is wasted in airports when business travelers decide to travel on commercial airlines, the price of charter flights proves to be well worth it. Time is money, and time that is saved is therefore money that is saved as well.
One-on-one service is a great benefit that accompanies the rental of charter flights. You really are the boss when you fly on a charter plane, and the pilot and attendants will work to make sure you are comfortable and that you get where you are going on time. Every business traveler should therefore consider flying by charter jet.

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