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Lyon, the culinary capital of France, which is the third largest city and second largest metropolitan area in France. This city is famous for its culture and 2000 year-old history. This city was founded by the Romans and a heritage city as recognized by UNESCO. This wonderful city is situated between Paris and Marseille and 470 km away from Paris. You can reach there from Geneva which is just 170 km away. It is located in East of France between two rivers named as Rhone and Saone. The people living there are known as Lyonnais. It has a 'semi continental' climate and climate is nice to visit in the month of September and October.

Attractions in Lyon

  • Festival of lights is traditional religions celebration repeated every year after December 8th, 1952.
  • Cathedral church which is made in 1476.
  • African museum which is oldest museum made in 1861 and having huge collection of West Africans arts.
  • You can visit the bars, clubs, restaurants and cafés to enjoy delicious food and drink.
  • There are many chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
  • Those who love motorcycle, quads and scooter can watch Lyon-two-wheeler show.
  • Botanical garden
  • Tony Garnier urban museum in the open air.
  • Festivals, sports events, carnivals and textile jewel exhibitions.

For those looking a glimpse of the real France, Lyon mixes old world charm with a modern vibrant night life. There are many options to visit there.

By Plane

Lyon's Saint-Exupery Airport is located 25 km away from the city. There are bus services to Lyon from there.

By Car

Lyon is a major automotive hub for France.

By Bus

International Bus Services are operated by Euroline.

By Train

Most convenient way to reach the city. There are three train stations. Best traveling option to travel from London to Lyon in Eurostar Train. Whole journey will take 4 hours 30 minutes.

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