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Having trouble finding the right job? Try searching through an employment agency. It may have exactly what you’re looking for. An employment agency provides an invaluable service to both job seekers and employers. Since many businesses use the services offered by an employment agency, their jobs are only available to job seekers who are using the same agency as well.
An employment agency is not only a great way to find a full time job, but also for temporary job as well. With few exceptions, the employment agency becomes your advocate and « represents you » – a relationship that starts whenever you apply for a job through an employment agency listing and submit your resume. In most cases there is no fee to you as you are the applicant; employer is the client;. Your link is the representative who contacts or helps you.

A good employment agency will get your resume and set up an interview to talk about your skills, your goals, and the job you are applying for. Resumes don’t always do a candidate justice, and a good recruiter is almost like a job therapist – and will draw out of you information relevant to the position that you may not have thought to mention in your resume. A good recruiter knows a lot about the job you are applying for too, which can be helpful. Job descriptions are notoriously bland and don’t really give you all of the useful inside scoop it would be useful to know before you actually interview.
Recruiters also have jobs that aren’t posted, and after talking with you may recommend you for something you didn’t even know was out there.

You can submit your resume to an online service but you won’t get a chance to set up an appointment and talk to a recruiter and let them know. If you resume fits the bill — meaning of the keywords in your resume are picked up through the online services’ algorithms and an employer finds you, then you’ll get an email or a call from the prospective employer. On the other hand Employment Agencies with real live recruiters would take genuine , personal interest in you and your skills and will represent you for the right job of your choice only, a job which would match your experience, key skills, location constraint and your desires.
If you are looking for Office management jobs, Chef Jobs, health care assistant jobs, Employment Plus specialise in both temporary, contract and permanent personnel in Care, Catering, Industrial and Office Jobs.
Employment Plus is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) in UK.

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