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Everyone likes to get away. A trip to the beach, a cruise to an exotic port or a chance to hit the power at a wintery ski lodge; the important part of any great trip is knowing the best way to plan it. User Travel offers jet setters the type of travel experience necessary to make a memorable vacation or efficient business trip.

User Travel is part of the User Alliance group of companies. User Alliance is a group of travel and business related interests that demonstrate the company’s « Your one stop place, combining travel with your home based business. » The company has created the perfect blend of offerings that meet the needs of its membership-only customers all over the world.

User Travel has the word travel in its name for a reason; the company offers a world class service to tourists, business people and anyone else looking to get to the other side of the country, or the other side of the globe. The company has some of the best rates for airline tickets, hotels, rental cars, cruises and much more. User Travel works with some of the top names in the travel business to make sure its members can not only get where they want to go, but get there in style and for a great price.

User Travel also has another unique feature. VIP Priority Pass is a special feature offered by the company; this special card allows members to have access to over 600 VIP lounges at airports in over 300 cities in more than 100 countries around the world; in fact, this card will get you into more than 70 VIP lounges in the United States alone.

For many people, the calm and relaxed atmosphere in a VIP lounge is a must during a trip. There are complimentary refreshments, business centers and the chance to unwind before catching your next flight. While some travelers have logged hundreds of thousands of miles to gain access to these lounges, User Travel members can enjoy the same privileges no matter how far they fly or what class of travel they use.

The great news is that while these benefits might be enough for most travelers, User Travel members can expect more. User Alliance offers eWallets to move funds and credit cards for its members to use at ATMS, shops, restaurants and for online purchases.

There is also Internet services, Email and phone plans, and business options for starting companies and conducting offshore banking. In short, if you need the perfect one stop location for a wide range of products, User Alliance is the place to go.

The secret to a memorable vacation is planning. Using a travel service is a big help because it eliminates the guesswork and helps travelers to find the best available rates. User Travel is the ideal place to go for all of your travel needs. Offering excellent prices and benefits like the VIP Priority Pass, getting away is easier than ever.

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