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As a European Tour Director with over 2 decades experience and being the owner of Affordable Cruises Tours I like to use my experience to help people understand touring and save people money at the same time with a minimum 10% discount off Trafalgar Tours.

In this article I want to cover Trafalgar Tours: See, View, Visit and Why Not.

To illustrate my point I will use their Best of Italy tour. One of the secrets to knowing what is included in your Trafalgar Tour is the understanding of the terms see, view, visit and Why Not. I have worked as a European Tour Director for over two decades and it’s my experience that the clear understanding of these key terms is paramount in passengers overall satisfaction during their vacation.

Let’s face it, a travel brochure is a sales tool and designed to entice you to book. There are certainly times when travel companies take liberties with the wording in order to get you to purchase their product. Having said that if you know how to interpret the copy on a brochure page you will never be surprised or disappointed. Too often people come away after looking at a brochure expecting much more than they are going to get because no one took the time to explain the difference between these all important items. So that is the aim of this article and video. Please note that see and view are sometimes interchangeable as I will try to explain below.

For the purposes of illustrating see, view, visit and Why Not in interpreting brochure copy I will use one of Trafalgar’s popular Italian itineraries the « Best of Italy ». This is a 14 day tour of the Italian peninsular and one of Trafalgar’s best tours especially for people who have never been to Italy before.

If you have a Trafalgar brochure you might like to open it up at this tour page or if you are on the Affordable Cruises Tours site please click this link, Best of Italy and open the tour details in another tab. Then you can reference the items I will be talking about as we go.


Visit is the key with see and view secondary. In the first line of the copy they talk about « with our local guide is a visit to the Sistine Chapel » this means there will be a visit and by association if there are any entrance fees these would be paid by Trafalgar. The copy goes on to talk about a visit to the Colosseum and again any entrances would be paid for you and you would be accompanied by a local guide who will be explaining the visit to you.

See & View

As mentioned above these two items are often interchangeable and sometimes expressed in the day to day copy using similar words. For example the Day 3 of the Best of Italy the copy goes on to say « to overlook the Forum and the Circus Maximus » Here the word « Overlook » takes the place of « See or View » and to check this look at Rome: in the Sightseeing Highlights and you would find « Views of the Forum and Circus Maximus » As there is so much to see in Rome most tour directors and local guides would drive by these but if time permitted like it did on a recent tour I did we stopped at a high point above Circus Maximus and got out of the coach for photos over this ancient arena. Either way this would still fall under the category of See or View.

Why Not, Perhaps, Maybe and Similar Words

The Day 3 copy ends with « this evening why not discover the cities culinary delights ». This is where many people read too much into the brochure and are sometimes disappointed when expectations are not met. With nothing else in the Sightseeing Highlights after the visit to the Colosseum you would consider that Trafalgar’s obligations for the day are concluded. Anything after this would be either at your leisure or there would be an Optional Excursion offered.

Please visit our Trafalgar Tours FAQs page for an article and video about Optional Excursions.

Affordable Cruises Tours are experts on Trafalgar Tours and have over two decades experience with them. On most tours we start our clients off with a 10% discount and in many instances we are able to save our clients 20% and more off the regular cost of Trafalgar Tours.

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