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Places around the equator experience equal period of night and day and there are no distinct seasons. During March 21st and September 23rd, the sun is usually exactly overhead, during noon. The equator line cuts across places on the 0 degrees latitude on the map. In Kenya, there are certain places that lie exactly on the equator, and act as major tourist attraction sites. Usually on these places, there are sign boards which inform travelers that they are crossing the equator, either into the northern or southern hemispheres. Some of the place where the equator cuts across in Kenya is Nyahururu and Nanyuki towns, and Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon.

Nyahururu is located nearly 180km from Nairobi. It is a town with a high altitude and is preferred by athletes as a training area. It is usually a cold town, which experiences constant relatively strong winds. Near Nyahururu town, is the Thomson’s falls. It drops on a height of nearly 70m along the Ewaso Narok River. The falls got its name from Joseph Thomson, the first European explorer to reach it. It is a breathtaking site, with lots of birdlife. Up the river, there is a place that is inhabited by hippos. Tourists and locals visit the place to see these massive creatures in their natural setting, usually in the evenings. Near the Thompson’s falls and around the equator, there are curio shops where one can buy lots of African art and crafts such as carvings, paintings, clothing, beaded ornaments and so much more. Nyahururu is also known for the large number of flower farms, most of which are meant for exportation.

Nanyuki is located near the Mount Kenya. It is a buzzing town that is fascinating to tourists. There are a number of flower farms near the town, in addition to there being luxurious lodges and hotels. The Town is near an Air force base, and is used by foreign military personnel such as the British army as a training headquarters.

The equator cuts through Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. While passing through one of its major routes, that is the Sirimon route, a sign board informs you that you are now crossing into the southern hemisphere. Mount Kenya is a favorite for mountain climbers and lovers of trekking. The peaks are snow capped and the highest of these reaches 5199m. The slopes are diverse in vegetation growth, starting with indigenous and bamboo forest, then heath and moorland, and finally alpine vegetation.

The equator also cuts across Mount Elgon inn the west of Kenya. This is another fascinating area for mountain climbing. In addition, it is ideal for bird watching, game viewing, camping, nature walks and other activities. There are luxurious lodges and camping sites for accommodation.

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