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Ending a long-term relationship is not easy. But, when heart gives a jerk and murmurs to part with your partner, you get no other option than bidding adieu gracefully. Breaking up a partnership which does not match well can be good for both, though hard-liners disagree with this opinion. However, once you go through some facts why you need to end an unhealthy relationship, you will definitely be having some props to reason with yourself and those hard-liners- although reasons and counter-reasons do not work at all when heart gets torn apart.

Breaking up can be difficult for many people, though there are others who find starting a new life without their ex’s more comfortable. Still, doing it is really harder than saying it in an easier way. But, you can’t carry an ailing relationship any longer, and better put an end to it.

Knowing how to end a relationship is considered to be one of the most vital points you will ever have to do in dating. After all, how put an end to a relationship will finally affect the issues you carry with you to the next one. Though, while bidding adieu has never been an easy thing, it is an essential part of dating.

The comfort of long-term partnership:

Putting an end to a relationship that has been in place for several years may be especially difficult. Most of the times people stick to a relationship much longer than they should. The reason behind this is that they have become comfortable with the present situation, in spite of having several differences of opinion and causes of unhappiness.

Invoke an image of ideal relationship:

Before you break up a long term relationship, check whether you both loved each other but know not how you broke away while treading the path of love. Consider thinking in terms of inborn qualities, rather than physical attributes. Then only decide what you expect from the relationship.

Think how sex life has been:

A sex starved life can never be enjoyable and is fairly dull. Exciting bed life can make both of you remain true to each other. But, when it misses due to inability of any of you or both, it can go ghastly and experience a worst end you could never think of. What do you stick to such an unsatisfactory partnership for? Sex satisfaction is the main prop for a happy partnership when frequent grumbling about it can be a killer cause to end a partnership. So, when you find it in between you, you need to make an end, especially at younger stage.

Take to direct and honest approach:

If you have decided to break up, you should be bold enough to say the truth on the face, but with a direct and honest approach. You should state the reasons you feel about the relationship. You should avoid accusing your partner in every way. You should be sounding still loving him or her while that reassures your partner that you want him or her to be happy.

While going on dating your partner, you need to be cautiously enthusiastic. You must look forward to meeting new people but never place any unrealistic expectations on them, in any stage if relation starts to roll. You should learn how to break up a relation when you enter it. If it is found out to be unhealthy and mismatching, it needs to be broken up at the stage showing you these characteristics. The sooner, the better.

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