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Historically routine to prepare the athlete for the season based solely on distance running. A coach will be to measure the success of the ability of a player by focusing on athletes ‘timed’ led by some distance. While this increases the endurance of the athlete, it is not the most effective method.

Still can not figure out how to maximize their efforts, it is important to know the three-body energy systems. Energy systems regulate the physical production, ranging from « very strong » or « very light ». In addition, a system to keep the exercises are « very short ». Although these three features of the system vary, are all integrated and contribute to fitness training. In general, sports such as football two energy systems are used more heavily than the rest. Who selects the body depends on the intensity and duration.

Increase the supply and « access » to energy systems, food becomes the focal point. Like all sports, good nutrition is important. But how different physical requirements necessary for football rather than to raise electricity, food must also reflect this need. The latest fad diets, but successful, are not designed for elite athletes.

Play the importance of carbohydrates is of paramount importance. It ‘been shown that the body’s ability to easily convert carbohydrates into energy efficiently. Carbohydrates can release energy much faster than protein or fat. However, carbohydrates are efficient, it is important not to neglect the protein. The proteins are useful for physical applications in the long term, which is cheaper than football. So a balanced diet of carbohydrates and proteins is the perfect player.

The next step to consider is the type of training. As noted above, a long, slow training and continuing while increasing aerobic endurance actually reduce anaerobic activity. An ideal is now more preferred is interval training. It provides aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance without damaging the athlete.

Interval training consists of bursts of speed mixed with a slower pace, perhaps the speed of jogging. Ideally, everyone should be 3-5 minutes, with « bursts » composed most of all. Two or three sets must be completed before a rest period of 2-3 minutes is necessary. After the break, another 3.2 Setting must be done. The activity can be relaxing slow walk or jog in place.

As with aerobic endurance, speed is essential in football. Again, traditionally composed of 10.5 seconds sprints were conducted, which has also been redesigned. Attention is now focused on « speed endurance ». This is accomplished through a race no less than 30 seconds sprint, but not more than 3 minutes. A short recovery period must follow each sprint. This training must be completed during the latter part of the preseason and not more than twice a week. The training also must not exceed 20-25 minutes. If it is a demanding workout, a player must be in good shape before attempting.

Remember, all sports, especially football, not too many cases where an athlete is a straight line and a fixed rate. Previous years will help develop the athlete needs to do with stop-and-go running. In addition, there are several other exercises, the coach should be a plan to extend the capabilities of the athlete. These events are high-intensity shuttle runs, the pyramids, the agility run, and Cruise and Sprint.

Speed ​​is important. This can be done in different ways, a method widely known hillclimb. This is credited with improving the speed of all types of athletes. It works all muscle groups in the feet and also helps to extend the ligaments of the knee. (E ‘important not to rush too fast downhill). Another useful method that is widely used in a « Running Ladder ». This forces the athlete to act as « ball » feet. Anyone can do « scale », which is necessary in this workout. Just use the two long ropes or objects ropelike, and about 20 to about 15 cm shorter in length. Connect the shorter the rope, the ladder rungs, the most two and, depending on the age group between 1 meter first. Sprint through the ladder without touching the strings, nothing is an object of this exercise. Routine mixing is also preferred. An athlete can not get out the ladder every other square, or to use both feet alternately in the same period. Get through the ladder as quickly as possible.

When we talked about football in particular, athletes have to perform some of these workouts, when dribbling the ball. This has a positive effect on the agility of the player. The trainer should design a workout goal motivating the players. Made it more fun and exciting about this possibility. The games are distributed on a hard training sessions. A good game of football is a « Frisbee football. » The rules are quite loose and variable. In addition, « Frisbee Volleyball » is a fun challenging game. Each team will keep the other side of the box and volleys the ball back and forth for the purpose of not allowing the other team to kick the ball over the line designated. Other rules can be implemented.

Football is one of the most demanding sports and fun there. Make training effective and fun, is preparing a physical team and the promotion of the work. 

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