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If you are a wine lover and you love to travel as well then you should know about the opportunity to travel to France for some of the most prestigious wine tasting events in the world. Paris is famous for much more than its monuments and museums like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. The area is also known for producing some of the best wines in the entire world. Since a wine merchant organized a famous wine tasting in Paris in 1976 the secret has been out. This wine tasting event consist of nineasters including eight of the top wine tasters in France. This was set up as a blind tasting so that the judges would not know the identity of the wine being tasted.

This inaugural event kicked off the popularity of wine tasting in Paris that we see today. Now you will find the events included in almost every tour that you may take it the city. There are a great deal of wine bars in the Paris area which have scheduled events. One of the almost comical comments I heard about why the French are such good wine tasters is that they are good spitters, but it is true that this is a desirable talent to have to avoid dribbling wine down your chin.

If you plan to sample the delicious French cuisine at any of the restaurants in the city, and I can not imagine why you would not, great quality wine will be served. In Paris, wine is just another beverage and is a daily staple in the diet of most people in France as well as in other areas of Europe. Some of the wine bars in Paris that have scheduled wine tastings include Chateau, which offers economic wines, Willi's which prides itself on having over 250 selections to choose from. There are many wine bars in Paris and you will have no problem finding one that will suit you needs. These establishments open early and stay open for the majority of the day and not only will you be able to drink there but you will be able to eat as well.

The experience of tasting wine in Paris is one not to be missed, if you have a chance to go to Europe make sure that you make time in your schedule to spend a couple of days in Paris to take advantage of the great wines available there. You can also visit some of the shops and bring home some of the wines that you will not find anywhere else.

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