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Most people discover the real facts about money, when it is too late for their knowledge to make much difference in their lives. The truth then, is that most people go through life almost completely clueless about how money really works and worse, clueless about how to attract more of it into their lives.

There are certain truths about money that most of us simply gloss over without really examining them for what they are worth. We then fail to apply these truths and learn learn nothing from them.

This article is about money, but not necessarily in the same old boring way that we are used to. Sometimes therein lies the problem, we get bored when people talk about money so we clam up and stop listening. We will take a slightly different approach here.

So here are some things about money that we should learn and remember.

1. Money does not attract money, people do.

True, it seems that money goes where money is, but since it can not, see, hear, smell, or form emotions, it can not be attracted to anyone. There is a story about a 20 dollar bill re-uniting with his long time buddy a one dollar bill. The one dollar bill ask. "I have not seen you in a long time friend." What's up? Where have you been? ".

The twenty dollar replies: Man! I have been having the time of my life, from Las Vegas to the Bahamas, the slopes in Colorado to Paris. I've been traveling the world man. how have you been? ask the now giggling twenty dollar bill. "Oh, you know how it is with us dollar bills my friend, church, church, church!"

There are several lessons to learn from that story. The obvious one is to stop giving one dollar bills in church! But the other point is that the higher value tender ends up in the fun places where people spend a lot of money. Could it be concluded then, that money really attracts more money? I doubt it. People who give more money to tend to get more, but we will come back to that. Then of course, people with a lot of money tend to spend it in the same places as other people with lots of money.

2. Big Money is a relative term.

Bill Gates is worth at least 50 billion dollars. Big money for him may be the cost of buying a small country. For a struggling online entrepreneur who is just starting out in business, it may be the cost of a 97 dollar auto responder. That's big money, if you are not earning any money yet. The $ 130,000 a month affiliate marketer will beg to disagree.

The lesson here should be this: Never get stuck on the quantity of the money you are spending for what you really need. Look for the value in what you are getting for your money. If you can not afford it, move on. Do not sweat the "big" stuff. A 17.97 a month auto responder will do the job just as well.

3. Money is good servant but a lousy boss.

Ever seen anyone who literally worships money? Oh, they may think they do not! but if they idolize the things money can buy, and will literally kill you for the stuff, then they worship money. The problem here is that this money-worshiper did not become such a person overnight.

It happens gradually because he or she became greedy, develop an unhealthy relationship with money; (their's and other people's money), and at the end of the day they are controlled by their own unhealthy desires for money

Money should always be your servant, not your boss. Any deviation from this truth, will place you under the control of money. But the love of money is indeed the root of all evil. People who love money hard remember that money is just a value placed on a coin or a specially printed paper. It can not love them back! Even gold is found in the earth. It is inanimate, cold, emotionless, and only descent its value from the people who know it and use it. How unfortunate that people get so hung up these things.

On the other hand, money can be a docile and obedient servant. Yes, you can direct it anywhere you want it to go and do your bidding, good or bad. Plus, if you have enough money you can get most things done. Ancient scripture actually declares that "money answers all things" Eccl 10:19.

The lesson to be learned here is this. Do not allow greed or misplaced emotions to put you under the control of money. This will demean your humanity and make you no better than the drunk who is controlled by alcohol, or a lion driven by it's wild instincts to kill, hunt, or procreate up to 50 times a day!

Let your higher, more noble self control your money so it will be a good servant to you and hopefully do some good in the world.

4. Money is always looking for a conduit. Are you one?

Finally, money always needs a conduit, not a box. Here's what I mean. The richest people in the world, are huge givers. They usually give away a lot of their money, but they end up getting back more money to give away again! Money needs a conduit. If you hide it in a box, it does nobody any good, not even you!

If on the other hand, you open your hands and let it flow, you will get more money. It's sowing and reaping at its best. Sow bountifully and you'll reap bountifully. Most people who are stingy and have a few dollars from their stingiest, will be surprised to know how much more they would have had, had they opened their pocketbooks more. What's the use in accumulating wealth if does not do somebody some good?

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