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Coffee from Senseo is made from the finest coffee beans that came from the world's top coffee producers. Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries around the world. From the terrains of Brazil, hills of Kenya, Columbian valleys, Sumatra mountains, Hawaiian Kona belt and other coffee growing regions, Senseo established its produced from their coffee beans.

A by product of the plant genus Coffea, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are the usual coffee types consumers enjoy today.

The perfect cup starts with the perfect bean, which is based upon where it has grown. Such conditions are found around the world in which the temperature ranges from 59 to 77 Fahrenheit.

For each grown berry there are frequently 2 seeds inside. All berries is stripped in one of two ways then: the wet or the dry process.

The cost wet process is better for the quality of the coffee. Most of Senseo's coffee has been with this kind of processing. The fruits are then put into pulping machines then being fermented into large water container in which they develop its aroma and distinct flavor. The coffee beans are then sun-dried.

The dry process, used in Brazil, starts out by spreading the coffee beans under the sun for a few days including even drying. Unwashed green coffees are then produced. It is then put through a hulling machine that frees the beans.

Contained in some special bags, Douwe Egberts' Senseo carefully picks the best coffee beans to ensure quality avoiding moisture to form yeast.

All Senseo coffee are roasted then ground to perfection. Grinding affects the taste and flow time upon preparation of your coffee. The finer it gets, the slower the flow and stronger the coffee becomes.

On the otherhand, roasting produces the characteristic flavor of coffee through chemical reactions done in between the process. The roasting time has a huge influence on the taste.

The grounded beans are then dosed inside the Senseo coffee pods which are then packed to deliver you the flavor perfectly. They are premeasured in their own filter.

From then on, the birth of the Senseo Original blends come forth with a mild vanilla-caramel touch- Paris: French Vanilla; a subtle hazelnut and chocolate hint- Vienna: Hazelnut waltz; the strong Dark Roast and milder Medium Roast; the smooth and bright flavor of Breakfast Blend, as well as the similar tasty Medium Roast without the caffeine- Decaf!

Another thing about this Senseo coffee pod craze is their espresso pods. Espresso is not a specific bean or roast level, it is a method of making coffee. That is why Senseo developed this Espresso Pod Holder for optimum espresso experience while brewing its strong but smoothy taste.

The process then would institute the heating of the water, soaking the pod, applying appropriate pressure into it and brewing down the coffee right into your cup.

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