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Alan Ducasse, a famous French victualer and holder of 14 Michelin stars – the leading restaurant rating in the world, shall open the renovated restaurant « Jules Verne » on the Eiffel Tower.

The architect Patrick Juen, the project author, has « wrapped » the restaurant hall with a special glass, allowing its guests to admire the view of the city even in the evening when the lights inside are on. The restaurant, situated on the 125-meter height, has been closed for reconstruction for four months.

A special « underground cooking laboratory » has been created for cooking « semi-finished goods » and placing a big wine-cellar, since the 45-meter kitchen in the tower was too small to serve 120 guests. At the same time, meals served to the guests are cooked directly in the tower by 17 cooks headed by Pascal Féraud.

They plan to make « Jules Verne » « the showcase of the French cuisine »; however, it shall not be an inaccessible restaurant of the luxury style like « Plaza Athenee » in Paris or « Louis XV » in Monaco. A lunch in « Jules Verne » shall cost you 75 Euros, and the average cost of the evening menu varies from 155 to 170 Euros without drinks.

Though, in spite of the planned accessibility of this restaurant, it is really popular and this popularity means problematic table reservation. Obviously, you will not get a table for you and your lady for example – if you just come to the tower, take the first elevator and knock the door. You would better make a call there and not the day before your visit – but I would say – a month at least – and that is for the normal usual time of the year. But for example, the reservation of a table for the New Year’s Eve is booked out already two years ahead.

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