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Psychologists underline the fact that the area of living does not very important for the development of the child’s character, whether the kid lives in the city or far from it there are always some problems which can be the reasons for negative impact on the child. Modern society faced great number problems such as increasing of the violence, antagonistic attitude to the local powers, rising of the dishonesty, sexual rudeness and lack of awareness of simple life principles. In order to give the necessary education for the child parents and schools have one important goal which concerns the avoiding of above mentioned problems.
Kids need character building, regardless of where they live—inner city, suburbs, rural settings—the problems really exist everywhere. Rising youth violence, increasing disrespect for authority, increasing dishonesty, sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, illiteracy, and lack of knowledge of things as basic as the golden rule—these problems really cut across all segments of society. The development of good character is really part of every child’s birthright. Parents and schools and communities have an obligation to meet that need of children.
As Character Education Partnership or it is more famous as CEP, reports that there are no certain measures for good education of the character. But nevertheless, parents and school workers should keep in mind some general ideas concerning the effective brining up of the kids.
First of all, the promotion of ethical ideals is the min element of character formation. Secondly, it is very important to call for the moral actions to define the major features of the character. The third principle contains the meaningful school curriculum that meets the requirements of all students and promotes their success.
One more important principle is regarding the school workers as one big group which takes some measures as for the education of the child and forming the character. Such group is to be the example of positive values and to motivate the kids to be better.
Finally, such institutions as family or schools should be like the partners for the kids. It is also very important.
Due to all such principles it is very difficult to decide whether it is possible to make the attempts to help the child in the formation of the character.

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