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For our time it is not a secret that in the United States of America a great number of federal agencies with its own functions and importance for the world.
Of course, the most famous and known to everybody is the FBI. Probably not everybody know the whole name of the organization, well, here it is – Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is a kind of criminal investigative and intellectual agency, the helpful support of the United States Department of Justice. In early 1908 the FBI was more known as Bureau of Investigation (the BOI) and was around us for all the time. Nowadays, the FBI covers all analytical control over violations of more than 200 types of federal offenses and other associated questions, thus formulating them into one law powerful agency of the United States government.
There are some facts which can help to get more information about the FBI anв to understand it more precisely; more information of its management and the primary ideas. There exist some definite issues that are obligatory.
The beginning of the FBI in the legislative process, its organizational connection to the Presidency, the state of affaires and actions that have created the procedures of the agency itself; all of these are extremely significant and considerable issues concerning any federal agency, according to this article, concerning the FBI.
The main goal of this article is to examine all actions and affaires of the agency in order to see the main point of the existence of the FBI, its global importance. But there a lot should be done in order not to lose the idea.
For the beginning we should pay attention to the first days of the existence of the FBI and to look through the general purposes. The task of the FBI is to change the law through the investigation of infringement of federal illegal law; to save the United States from alien intelligence and terrorist actions; to offer control and law powerful assistance to federal, state, restricted, and worldwide agencies; and to carry out these responsibilities in the way that it is open and careful to the requirements of the public and its devotion to the Constitution of the United States.
As it was firstly known as the BOI, it is important to say about the process of changing the name. It happened in 1935, when the head was J. Edgar Hoover. The real organization of the agency took place when it was known as the BOI.

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