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Alicante City is known for its nice sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains, nice breezy weather, tall palm trees and beautiful sceneries. Don’t forget to check on different Alicante transfers offered around the city. It is a starting point destination to Costa Blanca. It may be a bit hard to transfer from one place to another but still every site you will visit will make you feel better so worry no more. Its population is approximately 300,000 and is a major travel destination for tourists mostly from Europe. Through the years it developed a feel of being a cosmopolitan city but still it preserved its traditional culture. 

There are many leisure and activities to do in Alicante City, many fantastic sites, museums, historical buildings, soft sandy beaches, night entertainments and many more. There is also decent number of shopping centers found in the city. You can spend the day window shopping and walking the fabulous Street Markets where you can find just about anything you need, whether antiques, fruits and vegetables, garden stuff and so on. 

The El Altet International Airport is one way to reach the city. It gives domestic charter flights form other Spanish cities as well as places in Europe including London, Paris and Rome. There are also Alicante transfers from the airport leading to the Plaza del Mar southwest of the city center. You can also find taxis all over the airport. Alicante has also a min train station located on Avenida de Salamanca in the city center. There are also trains from Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Valencia City to the station daily. 

If you are coming from France it may be worth to get a France and Spain pass from Eurail which offers unlimited travel all over France and Spain under specific time periods.  You can also get to Alicante by car, on the A-7 motorways from the French border. Alicante’s bus station is located in Calle Portugal close to harbor. You should try Alicante transfers and be sure to travel and visit the places that Alicante has to offer.

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