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The Order to extinguish Avon County in the UK was carried out on 1 April 1996 and Avon County is no more.

The four authorities replacing Avon are:
1. The City and County of Bristol
2. South Gloucestershire – formed from the Northavon districts and Kingswood.
3. North Somerset – created from the district Woodspring.
4. Bath and North East Somerset – formed from the Bath and Wansdyke districts.

For celebrations sake, the post of Avon’s Lord Lieutenant was abolished, thus Bristol regaining its own High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant, while the other administration was returned to its primitive counties. Advices to change Bristol’s borders (either by drawing new sketches or by incorporating the mostly urban borough of Kingswood added to it) were discarded.

The end of the County of Avon was the prime focus of a BBC documentary known as ‘The End of Avon’, which was produced by Linda Orr and Michael Lund and broadcast on TV in 1996.

Adam Thomas (a BBC presenter) investigated in 2006 why Avon refused to die, for the episodes of BBC One regional program ‘Inside Out West’. It continued to be included in the databases of large corporations and firms as part of their addresses in the area, and also in names such as the Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Avon Wildlife Trust and Avon Fire and Rescue Service.

Representatives of these organizations said they had no plans in changing their names. Still, the Royal Mail suggested that it was not a necessity to include Avon in any address as it had been abandoned. So it was not necessary to use it in postal counties since 1996.

Some organizations still covered the area of this primitive county of Avon: e.g. the Avon Coroner’s District, Avon Fire and Rescue, Intelligence West and the West of England Strategic Partnership till 2006, when the Avon Ambulance Service (now it is merged with the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire ambulance services to form the Great Western Ambulance Service). This primitive county and its south side neighbor form the area covered by Somerset Constabulary and Avon.

However there is not even a single council and the 4 unitary authorities still pull together on many aspects of its policy, like the Joint Local Transport Plan.[1]. The term currently, « West of England » is used by some companies and organizations still refer to the earlier area.

The « County (or Councils) that Used to Be Avon had a term CUBA, « , was created to address the Avon area post. The term used instead of « Avon », Severnside is sometimes also used] although this term can not be used to mention the stretch of shoreline from Newport to Chepstow or from Aust to Avonmouth north. « Greater Bristol » can also be used, although this use of this term is quite often criticized by natives of Bath, Weston-Super-Mare, and other parts of historical Somerset and Gloucestershire. The Forest of Avon is covering part of the area of the four local authorities and is a community forest. Other souvenirs of Avon’s presence include the Avon’s Cycleway (first created and promoted by Cyclebag), a 137 kms (85-miles) circular passage on quiet highways, cycle paths and roads, which was a pioneer of the National Cycle Network.

Also, Avon County Council did what could possibly be done to fund an introductory cycleway and also the Bath and Bristol Railway Path.

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