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The word ‘Emo’ that sounds to short to our ear and is mainly related to 80`s music scene today dictates more than just music to a lot of people. It is hard to find the true definition for ‘Emo’ looking at the gangsters that calls them ‘Emo’. It could be said that ‘Emo’ is the combination of melodic and experimental music with the more hardcore variety. ‘Emo’ comprises not only the music but also people following the specific fashion trends, attitudes and openly displays their emotion. Their world is completely different. Let us learn the psyche of the girls who conform to the Emo way of life.

Emo girls are generally characterized with down in the dumps personalities and dressed in a typical style that comes in the form of tight jeans, black straight hair, studded belts-shirts with names of rock bands, lots of dark eyeliner and horn-rimmed glasses. They are often found to experiments with their look and do not even bother what the onlookers speaks about them. They do what they like. They believe in their own sense of style and can even go to extreme length to make them stand out of the crowd. Hairstyle is one of the important factors that they pay attention to since the hair cut helps in bringing out the emo looks with the other essential factors. These girls are found to sport hair that is short and spiky in the back, with long bangs sweeping over one side of the face or across the eyes in front and coloring them with right hue to bring ultimate look.

Even their personality is something unpredictable. They are often found to be sad and weepy and their sense of depression and isolation provokes them to cut their wrist and sometime even bleed to death. At times they are very sad and the next time they are found happy and in a jovial mood. This type of mood probably arises with the thought that they think themselves as outcasts. They also have developed their own pattern of diet. They are complete vegetarian which is one of the good points or habits they hold for themselves. These Emo girls show likeness towards sad poetry and music that is poetic and expressive with truthful lyrics based broadly on real life sad situations.

Emo girls are extremely reserved and quiet and do not like to make eye contact with anyone other than their own group. They are in touch with their inner self live life the way they want to that is always gloomy, dark without any ray of hope and sad and that, which a normal people hates it. It could be assume that it is indeed a difficult and upsetting lifestyle.

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