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There are so many things to do and so many sights to see in Sacramento. Some of the best and most famous tours include excursions like the American River Parkway, Napa Valley Wine Train Excursions, Riverboat Cruises, Southern Railroad Excursions, Capitol Area, Discovery Park, Governors Mansion, Historic Old Sacramento City Cemetery, Old Sacramento, Sutters Fort State Historic Park, Victorian Houses, etc.

The American River Parkway: The American River Parkway is located at 11257 South Bridge St, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670, and it is spread across 5,000-acres. It is an ideal spot to get away from the heat of the summer by cooling off in the American River. You can spend a stimulating afternoon drifting on the gentle currents, and seeing the various parts of this beautiful parkway. Starting at Sunrise Boulevard and ending at Goethe Park, it takes about three to four hours to meander along the length of the trip. A shuttle service then takes you back to the point where you started from, if required. There are rafts available with the capacity of accommodating 4 to 12 people, as are single-person kayaks. You can also make reservations for renting rafts.

The Napa Valley Wine Train Excursions: The Napa Valley Wine Train Depot is in downtown Napa, near First Street and Soscol Avenue. Their mailing address is: 1275 McKinstry St, Napa, CA 94559. The Wine Train is one of the most distinctive experiences of this area. You can board the Pullman lounge and dining cars, which date from circa 1915-17, which have polished brass, Honduran mahogany, etched glass and fine linen that recall an era when such opulence was exclusively used by the very wealthy. Travelers have a choice of selecting brunch, lunch, or dinner trips, which comprise of seasonably available gourmet cuisine, and the chance to taste some of the best Californian wines. Starting from Napa and ending at St. Helena, the round-trip journey takes approximately three hours, covering a distance of 36 miles. Although jackets are favored at dinner, it is not compulsory.

The Riverboat Cruises: Riverboat Cruises are located at 110 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814. You can enjoy a cruise down the river while dining, dancing and viewing the passing attractions on board a Victorian paddle-wheel steamer. These popular trips are made on the replicas of two historically legendary paddle wheelers, namely the « Spirit of Sacramento » and the « Matthew McKinley. » There are a number of sightseeing trips that are offered, which include brunch and dinner cruises. Prior reservations are a must.

The Southern Railroad Excursions: The Southern Railroad Excursions is located at Front St, Sacramento, CA 95814, in old Sacramento. This is a popular 40-minute train journey along the Sacramento River. Travelers can enjoy the cruise made in open-air gondolas and vintage coaches, which are pulled by steam locomotives, while they marvel at the passing scenery in the company of their family and friends. Special events and theme trains are also very popular, mainly the ones meant for just children.

The Capitol Area Tours: The Capitol Area Tours is located from K to N Sts, and 8th to 15th Sts, Sacramento, CA. You can stroll along this twenty-block locality to get a feel and knowledge of Sacramento’s history. You can also drop by the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for a catalog on the walking tours of the historical architecture of the city. You will be able to see that the state government offices have now taken over a lot of Victorian homes and other buildings in the area. Some of the other attractions of the area include the Stanford Mansion and the Capitol Mall. Following a pleasurable tour, you can unwind in the lovely landscaping of the Capitol Park, and visit the memorials, like the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.

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