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Firstly you must be wondering who I am and how my advise can be credible, Well lets say I've been there the T shirt and some and that my credentials are Seller SJACOBS3 View all about me page and the link will take you back to my website j-lou.com
I was a power seller from 2001-2007 and was featured for eBay in the daily Mirror to help eBay with its UK promotion & Represented them for promotion of businesses using eBay as a selling tool.

So you want to be a successful eBay Business.

I always called it the 3 p's "Product-Presentation-Price" get this part right and you are on your way, but it does not stop there this is the first step, You product needs to have a wide appeal ie: computer equiptment , Fashion, car parts, shoes, jewelry etc. With eBay you can see demand and prices through other sellers in the field that you may have knowledge in. You can see how these sellers are getting on view their feedback and record their sales record, obviously to get a good share of the marketplace you need to better others either on price-product-presentation or service but ebayers tend to ignore this last factor.

This unfortunately is the first flaw with running a business Just on eBay because the more you become successful and the longer you run the more followers and the more targeted you become, the tricks are, people using your exact phrases in your title, emailing your customers while bidding and through your feedback, This issue I pashed very hard with eBay (past your usual account manager) but although they are aware of this they are a contact, no more like adament that they will not change their policy. Your every word will be pinched and now with the new policy of No Java which disables right click for image theft to the majority your hard work with your presentation can now be lifted by all so your interlect and hard work benefits others.
As we found in the end we were doing all the work and burdening the costs of driving in potential new customers for others to simply steal, this is a strong word but its true if by contacting your customers while they were in your shop after it was through your efforts they were there I see no other word for it.

Some fields are more aggressive than others and with Womens fashion it looks that with a few items of market lines people would start advertising these as "sexy unique" diluting what we did which was exclusive womens clothing from Paris and designed and manufactured in small numbers in England designed by joanne louise. It's not funny when people were being duped by these mass produced goods made in China. It still happens today but they are finding this harder by the day now we dropped from eBay and started Drop shipping our clubwear to select ebayers.

We did our time it has to say and now feel that all the worry and imput into giving eBay a good name was in vein.

Be fully aware of the pitfalls.

As we were one of the leading UK sellers, one main issue we asked to be addressed some two and a half years ago was the emergence of chinese and eastern european sellers as most manufacturing is exported from these areas that sooner or later they would become aware that the cost of living in the UK was much higher than these countries they live, they also do not have the same legislation therefore do not have the same costs, taxes, etc so by allowing them to sell directly in the UK marketplace this would undermine UK sellers. My argument was that eBay UK should be that and if nothing was done about it the UK site would be filled with chinese or eastern European sellers.

This is happening now and will get worse but eBay are so big that they just look at it as a world wide marketplace and their real vision for the future is online payments through paypal. Although this issue is very good for the buyer direct purchases from source of manufacture it has to be looked at as what it will do for developed countries, the wealth and jobs will be transferred to these regions by the consumer who's jobs alterately on the line, This reminds me of the "buy british" campaign some years ago to save manufacturing which
failed now it will be the turn of the retail industry, UK eBay sellers and the highstreet will also be Effected.

There is however a glimmer of hope – Be unique – find a product that is regionally renowned that can only be obtained from that area you can then sell this to the chinese lol find something that culturally can be understood ie: Womens fashion of your own design manufactured locally – invent something – your company may have its own product – sell your knowledge or your tallent, think of it this way I can not see the chinese taking over our top 20 best selling records, or we all stop wanting to watch hollywood films.

I hope this helps you with the reality of eBay I hope that you will share this with others and post this article.

with Kind regards Joanne louise

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