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Technology and video games make it easy for kids to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but the lack of exercise increases the risk for health conditions like obesity and asthma. Keep your child active, healthy, and fit with the help of these fun sports classes. Bay Area parents highly recommend these non-competitive programs especially for kids who dislike sports.  Nobody is pressured to score points or win a game – the only requirement is for everyone to participate and have fun! So if you think your child spends too much time in front of the TV or computer, start looking into these programs today.

Fuze Fit for a Kid

Looking for a fun after-school program that will encourage your child to get in shape? Try FUZE Fit For a Kid, a fitness center that makes up for the lack of physical education programs in the US public school system. FUZE aims to fight childhood obesity among kids and teens age 5 – 16 with their unique blend of after-school classes in their energized, state-of-the-art facility.  You won’t find competitive sports like football or basketball in here; instead, kids participate in group classes like martial arts, yoga, trampoline, hip-hop, and dance. Kids have so much fun in these classes, they tend to forget that they’re actually working out! Personal training is also available to kids who have specific fitness goals or who need a little push towards a healthier lifestyle.  And to make life even easier for you, Fuze also provides extra services like extended care and a free shuttle pick-up from private schools and schools in the Union School Districts, Los Gatos, San Jose Unified, Campbell, and Cambrian Elementary.

Kids in Motion

Kids in Motion is another fantastic fitness center with a stimulating curriculum for kids 20 months to 15 years.  They first started out with a complete gymnastics program, which early walkers, boys, and teens can enjoy.  Later on, they started offering dance classes in jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern dance, and cardio-physical funk.  They also have a martial arts program that places emphasis in self-defense – a must for any child who has ever gotten bullied by someone bigger and stronger than them! Through these fun programs, kids get to develop coordination, increase stamina, and experience a boost in self-esteem.

Parents can join in the fun too – if your child doesn’t mind, that is! The Creative Movement and Tiny Tumblers classes are designed for parent-participation, a great opportunity for some meaningful bonding time with your child. They even offer a Daddy-Daughter dance class for girls ages 4 to 9 years old, and a Shake Your Groove Thing class for kids and their parents or caregivers.

Besides these exciting programs, Kids in Motion also offers a gymnastics summer camp, birthday parties, and field trips for preschoolers.

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