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Spirit Airlines is known for its « ultra low fares », new airplanes and young Airbus fleet. It is in business since 1980. Spirit Airlines’ web site describes themselves as one of the best airlines in America.  But nevertheless there are some items in the list of its virtues which can be discussed by a great amount of disappointed clients.

Number one in the list is « reliable, on-time service ». There are a lot of complaints on different forums about the frequent delays of Spirit Airlines’ planes. As to « reliable » we may also argue. It seems that Spirit Airlines (http://spirit-airlines.pissedconsumer.com/) exploits its planes on the wear. The pilots of Spirit Airlines don’t have time to do the preflight inspection of the plane between flights. The plane is announced for boarding as soon as it has landed.

Number two is « clean airplanes ». Unsatisfied passengers tell about the food bags and drink cups on the floor and tickets from the previous flight left on the seats.

Number three is « friendly staff ». There are cases described when staff at the airport, as well as the flight attendants weren’t friendly at all.

But there are some reasons for the last two. The staff of the Spirit Airlines is one of the lowest paid airlines staff in the USA.

Spirit Airlines’ « ultra low fares » deserve a separate discussion. The prices they offer for a flight are really lower than those of other airlines.  But you pay for everything a bit later. You pay for carry-on baggage in the airport, for snacks and bottled drinks on board.  You should be careful with your requests on board as well, they may be chargeable.

Spirit Airlines has so many unsatisfied clients that in 2008 it became the leader of complaints per passenger in the USA.

Spirit Airlines brought a lot of novelties to business. For example, they place advertisements inside the plane, e.g. on the backs of the seats. But not all novelties are good. Passengers don’t like the idea of paying for everything. People chose Spirit Airlines to save money, because they promise « great offers », « ultra low fares », and « huge discounts ». But after paying for all the services provided by Spirit Airlines people discover that they have paid in total even more than they would pay in other airline company for better seats. Well, it’s the old good rule of « nothing comes for free ». And it’s quite understandable. Spirit Airlines bought around 30 new airbuses and they plan to buy about 35 more. They need money for it, that’s why the company is trying to get them wherever they can. It results in taking money from the ordinary, middle class, not very wealthy people.

If the web site of Spirit Airlines convinced you to book from them and you still believe that they are willing to provide you the highest class service for minimum, you are free to give away your money. But if you have some doubts after reading this and some of the forums with complaints, you’ll think twice before flying with Spirit Airlines.

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