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The sights and sounds of Budapest, its sheer dynamism and vitality, may become overwhelming for a visitor.  Countless day tours from Budapest operate to a range of areas.  Three places that are particularly worth discovering on a day tour are the Danube Bend, Lake Balaton and finally, a Puszta tour. 

The Danube Bend is best visited by boat.  Many tours cover the three most famous cities of the Danube Bend, which are unrivaled in beauty: Esztergom, Visegrad and Szentendre.  Szentendre is a charming artistic settlement, which retains the marks of its baroque history everywhere you look.  It was, after all, built on medieval ruins.  Esztergom is home to the largest cathedral in all Hungary, and from this city you can view the astoundingly beautiful Slovakia across the river.  Regal Visegrad is best known for its castle and grandiose Palace, and sure to enthrall you.

Lake Balaton is equally captivating for a day tour from Budapest as the Danube Bend.  The largest lake in Hungary is also home to the celebrated Herend Porcelain Factory.  Marvel at porcelain-making demonstrations, embark upon a factory tour and visit the fascinating Herend Museum.  Another impressive sight is the Bendeictine Abbey and Museum founded in 1055 AD, which allows for the most sweeping, panoramic views over Lake Balaton.

Finally, a Puszta tour is a tour to remember.  Exceptional tour companies offer you the ‘traditional Hungarian experience’ on a Puszta tour.  Such a tour may include travel through the famous cultural city of Kecskemet.  Then, your visit to an authentic Hungarian farm will be likely to consist of trying some locally produced liquors and, if you are lucky, watching a horse show. 

If you wish to take a day tour from Budapest, you are advised to choose between three exceptionally striking places to visit – Lake Balaton, the Danube Bend or a Puszta tour.  Escape from the sightseeing tours of Budapest, the sights and sounds of the captivating yet at times overbearing city, and take some time to experience other aspects of Hungarian culture.

There is no better way of sightseeing & learning the history of Budapest than by joining a full day Budapest sightseeing tour . Visit most beautiful places like Danube Bend , Lake Balaton and Puszta from Budapest

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