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The way that it works in the UK, is that temporary workers are most usually hired by the agency itself. Not the employer. The agency in effect functions as a labor contractor, of sorts. The agency then will receive direct payment for the work performed and disburse it to the temporary employee.

However; it’s important for both job seekers and employers alike to know that statistics have shown that the majority of temporary workers who find themselves in this arrangement, do in time become full time paid employees of the company that they temped for. So it really is a good deal for all parties involved.

In fact it’s now not uncommon to find Recruitment Agencies that have cultivated working relationships with colleges and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s a win-win situation that allows students to gain actual work experience and in some cases even college credits by working in temporary that are jobs relevant to their field of studies.

Then there are recruitment agencies that specialize in one or more specific job fields. Engineering, sales or teaching work for instance. In most of these cases the emphasis is made towards full time jobs. In these cases the employer will pay the recruitment agency for services rendered.

So then what are the immediate benefits to an employer that uses the services of a recruitment agency, rather than simply screening new employees the old fashioned way? In fact the benefits are many and a few of the most important ones are listed below.

For one it frees top management from any worry about lower level managers assigned the task of misusing it. Hiring unqualified friends or relatives or engaging in any discriminatory practices for instance. Having noted that, it also assures senior managers that the person doing the hiring actually knows what they’re doing.

For instance, a recruitment agency will do all the mundane tasks like confirming resume information, checking previous work referrals and even doing criminal back ground checks. These are all things that have to be done today that a lot of companies simply aren’t set up to do. Also what about checking the references of a job applicant who has worked for a hostile competitor?

Another major benefit for both job seekers and employers is that with a recruitment agency they both have a much bigger pool to work with. The agency will simply have more companies for job seekers and more bodies for employers. Also the caliber of both job seekers and employers tend to be higher today at a recruitment agency.

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