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March 2010, Shanghai Air India introduced the first domestic RFID Air baggage Label Production line to complete the equipment installation, and will be formally put into production use, become the first same time, traditional paper-based airline baggage tags and RFID tag production capacity of composite packaging businesses, which will further promote RFID technology in the domestic air transport and other traffic areas application and development.

Shanghai Airlines Print Limited by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China in 1988, three Air Group (Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Airlines) and other joint venture set up enterprise groups, fixed production air ticket. Shanghai Air India for 30 years in the company’s founder, led by Miss Tang Zhijie, made one after another impressive performance. At present, enterprises have more than 100 million yuan investment in fixed assets, through the ISO9001 quality system certification, and access to advanced technology enterprises in Shanghai, Shanghai Civilized Unit, the national printing enterprises honor integrity. Air India concern

Shanghai RFID airline baggage tagging technology began in 2006, promoting the use of the domestic civil aviation in general Electronic Tickets period. After years of R & D investment, Shanghai Air India has completed the RFID products and processes in terms of technology accumulation, and the trial was successful domestic debut RFID airline baggage tags.

Compared with the traditional label products, paper to the volume of materials based on RFID baggage tag production process to be complicated. First, the product specifications have very stringent requirements, must meet the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has set global standards for RFID baggage tags. In addition, the volume can not have joint ticket, it can not be replaced after complex, which made the product yield a very high demand. RFID airline baggage tag production Another feature is the need for double-sided die, the label will have a positive die, easy to paste it ripped luggage at the same time, it has a reverse side of the die. This particular structure can lead to the production of waste with labels replace hand luggage tag, to replace the label with the antenna, the paper tickets will be disconnected from the back of the die Department. In addition, RFID air baggage tags rather long, reaching 21 inches, which for increase productivity, reduce production costs is a challenge.

Through RFID baggage tag production process in-depth research and RFID products at home and abroad a comprehensive comparison of composite packaging equipment, Air India chose Shanghai from Germany Miao Sha (MELZER) RFID baggage tags provided by the production of composite packaging solutions. Miao Sha

Germany Founded in 1956, it is the world’s RFID products composite packaging technology leader in the Drupa printing exhibition in 2000 and launched the world’s first RFID composite packaging production line. Miao Sha is also the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo RFID tickets composite sole supplier of production equipment, RFID processing equipment in all industries have a very complete application solutions, and to excellence Design Concepts and stable product quality has won wide praise.

In the equipment selection process in addition to wonderful Shakespeare Company taking into account the good reputation and RFID equipment success story in China, the Shanghai Air India chose to promote the introduction of SL-400LT line the main reason for better or wonderful Shakespeare Company RFID airline baggage tags to solve the production problems that existed in the process.

First, SL-400LT air bag tag line used magic Lufthansa’s global patented « Dry Inlay online screening process » to ensure the finished product volume rate of close to 100%. Inlay is the so-called dry patches down the package equipment directly produced without any rubber membrane Inlay, Inlay is so wet behind Inlay with silicone rubber is attached to the intermediate products formed on paper. Miao Sha technical characteristics of equipment that is directly combined with a dry Inlay, not only double the production capacity, and do not require use of silicone oil after dry Inlay indirect production costs of paper, effectively reducing the cost of RFID product.

« Dry Inlay online screening process » refers to the volume of dry Inlay in place after the Council passed the online test station positioning in the vacuum drum, cutting, good Inlay composite surface material on the label, but fail in a vacuum drum through Inlay the greater the angle of rotation, emission by vacuum suction, so that you can remove the waste out. This will greatly improve the yield RFID products and save on the label of failure Inlay material loss, to a certain extent, reduce the production cost of RFID products.

Followed by multi-channel parallel production, maximize productivity. RFID products are a lot of processing equipment is the single-channel production, and Miao Sha RFID composite multi-channel parallel processing equipment produced a good solution to this issue, SL-400LT-type devices the growth of aviation baggage tag production capacity can reach 24,000 / hour in improving the device efficiency while reducing production costs.

Current global airline industry lost a year and delayed baggage fees paid as high as 2.5 billion. Many airlines are considering using RFID tags to enhance baggage tracking, distribution and transmission, to improve safety Management To prevent miscarriage from happening. With the global economy recovers and the warmer the air transport industry as a whole, I believe has been successful transformation of Shanghai Air India will be able to seize the domestic production of RFID baggage tags processing market opportunities, firm size and efficiency in glory.

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