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There are various types of concierge services such as corporate, personal and residential concierge services. They all provide required services to individuals or groups; however they differentiate in work settings. A concierge can be differentiated into different types depending on the type of services delivered. Talking about residential concierge services, their popularity has been constantly increasing with time.One of the most evident reasons is that providing hotel-style concierge services in a residential development adds to the commercial appeal of the property which eventually results in increased sales and marketing of the site. This concierges also increase the reputation of a property and it also helps to establish a good relationship between the property owners, staff members and residents. There is an increasing demand of lifestyle management in residential properties and people are choosing properties with these services over others.

Responsibilities of Residential Concierge

A residential concierge handles estate duties which include- meet and greet people, handling keys, visitors, contractors’ management, parking management, mail distribution and so on. Since they supervise almost every area, residential becomes the face of the property in many ways. These concierges offer similar services in a residential unit as they would offer in a luxury hotel. The whole idea is to make customers experience luxury services at home as they would experience in luxury hotels. These services can be divided into following categories:

  • Entertainment – booking restaurants/ clubs/ movie tickets/ football games/ concerts etc.

  • Transportation – booking chauffeur driven limousines/ arranging private jet/ yacht charter/ arranging porter at the airport and so on.

  • Domestic services – private chef/ organizing functions/ housekeeper/ organizing nanny and so on.

In luxury developments, concierges mostly act as personal assistant or house manager. Concierge services enhance the healthy lifestyle of individuals and it helps to achieve a work/life balance. For developing properties, these services can be an added advantage that can increase resident retention, hence reducing marketing cost. In this increasingly competitive market, providing residential concierge services will give an extra edge to your property and it will also express the commitment to existing and potential residents. Your property can easily become an instant hit by providing these added advantages to your residents. In this hustle and bustle of life, individuals these days prefer a community that can ease their living, therefore, if you are a property owner, make sure your property offers all the latest services to its residents.

The article explains the responsibilities of a residential concierge and their role in success of a property development.

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