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When it comes to Restraint of Trade Agreements LAC lawyers has the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle your Industrial Relations matter with the commercial sense that business owners and directors require.For a truely commercial resolution contact us today.

LAC Lawyers are the employment lawyers of choice because we have;

>> 8 Employment lawyers

>> Offices in Sydney and Melbourne

>> One of the largest employment practices of any boutique commercial firm

>> Skilled negotiators focused on finding commercial resolutions

Restraint of Trade

As a business owner or employer, it is important to protect the goodwill of your business.To do this you may wish to consider a ‘Restraint of Trade’provision in your employment agreements,partnership agreements and sale of business agreements.As an employer, you are most likely using a standard Restraint of Trade clause in your contract of employment with your employees.

Alternatively you may have already instituted restraint of trade agreements in your current employment contracts and you have a former employee who you think is breaching the agreement.

Whatever it is LAC’s employment lawyers can help you and your company achieve a commercial result today.

What is a Restraint of Trade?

A restraint of trade is any contractual term which seeks to restrict the freedom of a party to engage in business.Restraint of Trade clauses provide means for employers and partnerships to prevent a departing employee or partner from taking clients or competing with the business for a period of time after they leave.Often restraint clauses provide that an employee will not:

>> Approach, canvass or solicit any clients or customers of the employer for a period of ‘X’ months, or

>> Use or disclose confidential information after leaving employment, or

>> Work for a competitor of the employer’s business for a period of ‘X’ months in Sydney.

These restraints are extremely important for companies that rely on client relationships.At LAC Lawyers we are specialists in advising and writing Restraint of Trade clauses, see us today to have one inserted into your employment or partnership agreement.


A properly drafted restraint of trade clause for an employee is an effective tool to protect an employer’s legitimate interests from competition by an ex-employee. A properly drafted restraint clause is capable of enforcement where as a poorly drafted or inappropriate restraint clause will leave an employer with little comfort. See the professionals at LAC Lawyers to ensure your restraint of trade is properly constructed to protect the interests of your company.

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