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When you attend a fancy wedding, limousines are the first thing you expect to see sitting outside the church — and for good reason. As one of the top wedding splurges for brides on their big day, a rented limousine adds a touch of luxury that makes traveling to and from the ceremony location all that much more special. There are many reasons why limousines are the vehicle of choice for couples who want a truly memorable experience on this once in a lifetime day.

More Room than a Car – There is no doubt that one of the top reasons that many brides and grooms rent wedding limousines is because of their size. Capable of holding an entire wedding party, a limo is a great way to haul everyone to the ceremony location in one vehicle. For when it’s time to ride to the airport or honeymoon destination, a limo is guaranteed to fit all of your luggage, as well as anyone you may wish to see you off on your great new adventure as a married couple. Lastly, the extra room allows for changing of clothes between the ceremony and reception, if needed for the bride.

Luxury Amenities – Most of the fun of riding in wedding limousines is in the amenities. Though you may not want to do any heavy drinking on the day of your wedding, limos are big enough to have a bar with snacks and drinks inside. This is perfect for parties before the wedding, include bachelor and bachelorette parties. From leather seating to passenger privacy and everything in between, including widescreen television and music systems, riding in a limo on your wedding day will be a luxurious experience. You would be hard pressed to find everything you need for a party included when you borrow a friend or family member’s vehicle.

Fun for the Entire Wedding Party – As mentioned above, renting wedding limousines is a great way to start having fun during all those pre-wedding celebrations. Besides the traditional bachelor and bachelorette parties, there are also rehearsal dinners and guest reception parties to think about. As families arrive in town for the wedding, tours around town can take place or perhaps a special « fun ride » can be planned for the children that are in the wedding party. Many couples draw out their wedding festivities over the entire course of a weekend, and a limousine would be the perfect accompaniment for three days of celebration.

As you can see, there are some great reasons why renting wedding limousines has become a tradition for many couples throughout the years. Used for much more than transportation to and from the ceremony, limos can also be a beautiful backdrop for photographs as well as a luxury prop for fancy estate wedding locations. They are also great for all your pre-wedding party needs. When it is your turn to decide whether to rent a wedding limo for your special day, consider the benefits and features you will get to enjoy in addition to marrying the person of your dreams.

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