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Racehorse partnerships bring the thrill of the track to everyone interested, capturing the excitement of the sport without requiring great time or financial expense. Blinkers On Racing Stable, a leading racehorse partnership offers unparalleled experience in the sport with business savvy. Partners in turn get all the rewards of ownership at a fraction of the cost.

Blinkers On is headed up by company founder, Scott Sherwood, and trainer and thoroughbred buyer, Greg Gilchrist. The experience of Blinkers On management ensures that your racehorse partnership is being handled by qualified members of the racing community, Sherwood handling essential business aspects while Gilchrist manages the many details that go into buying and raising fine athletes. Sherwood is an entrepreneur that owned and operated a multi-million dollar retail sporting goods company for more than 25 years before pursuing his personal passions by launching Blinkers On. Gilchrist brings over three decades of experience in the horse racing world to the racehorse partnerships. He has started more than 6,500 horses and compiled over 1,500 wins while building relationships with the nation’s foremost breeders, consignors and other industry professionals.

What constitutes a racehorse partnership? Blinkers On allows you to own a fractional interest in a horse trained by the company’s expert conditioner’s, while racing at a major California racetrack. Greg Gilchrist and the team travel to horse auctions throughout the nation from January to May. Horses at the sales are carefully chosen for their pedigree, conformation and athleticism, and are purchased for approximately $50,000 to $250,000 then begin their training. At this point, racehorse partnerships are offered, letting investors own a share in the thoroughbred. When the Blinker’s On trainers have them ready they will be entered in races on the Northern and Southern California circuit. Investment money goes into the initial cost of the horse along with training and veterinary bills, supplies and so forth and enables you to have a percentage interest in your partnered horse.

Your financial investment holds the potential for returns and the guarantee of excitement as you gain stake in a high-performance racehorse. You see returns through purse earnings or proceeds that come if or when the horse is sold at a profit. High performance athletes are often in demand from other owners or breeders and, in the event that they purchase the thoroughbred that you hold a share in, you see earnings from the sale.

Visit the official Blinkers On website to read further details regarding our racehorse partnerships or to view the thoroughbreds still available for the upcoming year. Complete information on our racehorse partnership investment and return model is available for you to read over and consider. You’re also able to view workout videos and much more at our website.

Blinkers On brings the spirit of the racetrack to you by giving you the opportunity to gain a real stake in a world-class thoroughbred’s performance. Contact us today to learn more about your investment and to get started with a racehorse partnership.

For more information on Blinkers On and its available racehorse partnerships, visit BlinkersOn.

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