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The best way to guarantee you will have a hassle free experience and get your taxi transfer for a cheap price is to book it in the UK before you leave for your holiday. By doing this you can be sure that you won’t have to wait in long taxi queues once you have arrived in Gerona.

Try to book your taxi transfer as far in advance of your holiday dates as possible you should organise it as soon as you have your flights booked or holiday confirmation. By doing this you can be sure of getting the very best prices and you won’t face any disappointments or wait when you reach the airport.

Be sure to inform your taxi company when you book of any additional luggage you have, any sports equipment such as golf clubs, Skis or excess suitcases will have to be taken into account as the vehicle used will need to be able to accommodate them. Remember taxis used are not always limited to four seats, at Gerona airport it is possible to take private taxi transfers in all sizes of vehicle minivans can often accommodate groups up to nine and minibuses up to seventeen. It is always worth enquiring, we have spent a long time looking for the most competitive and professional services on the internet. We think that the comparison search engine in place now works extremely well and provides a first class service.

A comparison search engine will bring back multiple results from various companies allowing you to choose the most competitive prices. Instead of manually trawling through several internet sites you can now simply enter your details and requirements once and let the search engine do the work.

Gerona has fantastic road links. Although Barcelona is roughly one hundred kilometers away it can be reached in just over an hour. The C35 motorway will take you directly there safely and in good time. Alternatively the beautiful ski resorts of the Pyrenees are also under one hour’s taxi drive away; equally the beautiful white beaches of the Costa del Sol are also very close. It makes a very good location to arrive in Spain at and take a taxi on to your final destination.

By booking Online in the UK you can be sure you will be using a reputable company, both complying to operating standards and the health and safety legislation regarding the vehicles they use.

Taking a pre booked airport taxi from Gerona eliminates any worries you might have once you arrive. Even if your flight is delayed and you will be arriving late at Gerona you need not worry, the transfer company and drivers alike track the incoming flights and will be aware of your delay without you having to do anything. The driver will either wait for you or another car will be provided, either way their will be somebody waiting to pick you up and take you to your holiday destination.

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