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A strategic partnership between Plascon Packaging (www.plasconpackaging.com) and Cryovac is promoting the use of Cook-Chill throughout the foodservice industry. Cryovac invented cook-chill and has the most technically advanced and durable films available for the process. They recognized that many foodservice locations lacked the automated equipment needed to use roll stock to make Cook-Chill packaging. These customers required sealed or clipped bags to benefit from the Cook-Chill process. Cryovac chose Plascon Packaging as the exclusive supplier of Cook-Chill bags made with Cryovac films.

Del Bourassa, manager with Plascon Packaging, discussed the cook-chill process advantages including:

         Improved taste, texture and flavor of dishes

         Longer shelf life

         Bulk production uses less labor and energy

         Shorter plating time

         Product consistency across time and location

         Increased food safety

         Decreased labor costs (less skilled labor needed for final prep)

The industry sectors that most benefit from this arrangement between Cryovac and Plascon Packaging include:

         Restaurants

         Casino/Resorts

         Food Processors

         Institutional Foodservice (such as schools, hospitals and correctional institutions)

         Catering

         Gourmet Deli/Grocery Store Ready to Eat Meals

         Bag-in-Box packaging for retail distribution

« These organizations need to produce large quantities of consistent ‘just made fresh’ foods with an extended shelf life while also achieving a reduction in food and labor costs and practicing safe food handling, » said Bourassa. « The Cook-Chill System from Cryovac and Plascon Packaging is a major advance in prepared foods technology that ensures consistent quality in every batch, at every location, while reducing labor required for preparation and serving. No other system now on the market can provide such a high degree of quality and fresh cooked taste. »

Plascon Packaging in partnership with Cryovac Sealed Air Corporation provides cook-chill bags, closures, equipment and accessories.

About Plascon Packaging:

Plascon Packaging, (www.plasconpackaging.com), a Plascon Group company, serves customers throughout North and South America with an extensive line of flexible food packaging including Cook-Chill Systems, Food Processing Equipment and PanGuard high temperature liners. Cook-Chill bags from Plascon Packaging are also used in the Sous Vide method of food preparation. Plascon Packaging has strategic partnerships with Cryovac Sealed Air Corporation, DC Norris and Niverplast. Industry sectors served by Plascon Packaging include: Restaurants, Casino/Resorts, Food Processors, Institutional Foodservice (Schools, Hospitals and Correctional Institutions), Catering, Gourmet Delis and Grocery Stores.

The Plascon Group is a network of world-class manufacturers of specialty plastic packaging for the foodservice, institutional, pharmaceutical and bulk packaging industries. Plascon Group companies include Plascon Packaging, Plasport, Plascon Inc., Plascon Films, Plastech Marketing Communications and Gunter North America.

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