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Go learn the gateway to space exploration for the last 50 years, the establish web site of space science and breakthrough.

Millions all year make their way to the heart of America’s space program for NASA’s inspiring stories. Walk the grounds and experiences the journey of the pioneers of space exploration. The guys and women of heroic endeavors. Go find the technology that took us to the moon and will take us there once again.

Visit the home to America’s Space Shuttle, the last post on earth for International Space Station hardware, and where probes are sent deep into space. It’s where hits ramble the historic trails of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo; a can’t miss addition to your Florida vacation.

Climb aboard the latest experiences at Kennedy Space Center. learn what the astronauts learn. Feel what the astronauts feel. Reside what the astronauts Live.

experiences the sights, sounds, feelings and exhilaration of a vertical launch in mankind’s most intricate vehicle. Reside the thrilling launch experiences of astronaut crews aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle.

More than 300 guys and females have taken the journey. Now it’s your switch. find what they have noticable, feel that they have felt and Live what they have lived.

Cape Canaveral (Then and Now)

get a guided tour to the historic launch sites of the early space triumphs of Mercury and Gemini, paving the means for America’s journey to the moon. Then notice today’s Cape Canaveral rocket program, where NASA sends probes and robotic explorers throughout the universe. Relive the launches of the first Americans in space. The birthplace of NASA’s space program.

Experience and exiting day exploring the many wonders of America’s space program at Kennedy Space Center Visitor intricate, including Shuttle establish experience, the KSC tour, the Apollo/Saturn V center and U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Finest of all this is all included with admission to the center.

If you are visiting Florida on your upcoming vacation this is do not miss spot to visit, is so amazing to be able to see what moon really looks like, experience what the actual astrounants have experinced. Is just a memorable, exiting and beautiful experience for you and your family. Don’t miss out.

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