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New Year is celebrated in every part of the world as most countries follow the Gregorian calendar. People around the world follow their own tradition and customs to welcome it, which add to the variety of celebrations. What remains constant during this time though is the ringing of church bells, honking of horns, blowing of whistles, and shrieking of sirens. Further, tasting exquisite wine and food and indulging in dance and enjoying the fireworks have become a common part of the New Year celebration around the world. Let’s look how it is celebrated in some countries.


The famous place in USA for New Year celebration is the Time Square in New York. Millions gather here to watch the special event known as “ball drop.”  A specially designed ball is dropped just a minute before the end of the old year with spectators cheering. Loud noise made by the whistling and honking vehicles engulfs the entire street. The fun and festivity double up with the uncorking of champagne, tasting of delicious cakes, and gorging on black-eyed beans. As a symbol for warding off evil and negativity, firecrackers are burnt.


People of the United Kingdom celebrate New Year with friends and family by dancing, drinking, and feasting on sumptuous food. They gather at the Thames River to enjoy the fireworks that begin with the Big Ben, the famous watch, striking twelve and officially declaring the beginning of the New Year. Another favorite place for people to welcome the New Year is Trafalgar Square, where a huge bonfire is lit and people dance around it till the early morning. 

They also invite a tall and handsome male with black hair to be the first visitor to their home after the midnight. According to a tradition, this male has to enter the house from the front door with a bottle of whiskey and a load of bread along with some salt and coal. He has to put the coal into the fire and serve drinks and bread to the family and wish them a Happy New Year. While leaving, he has to exit from the back door. This practice is still followed to bring prosperity and good luck to the household.


The Chinese celebrate their New Year or “Yuan Tan” in the mid of January or February since they follow the Lunar calendar. Unlike other parts around the world, the New Year celebration in China lasts up to ten to fifteen days. People dress in new and join a huge parade with lanterns in their hands. The parade is led by a silk dragon. The parade or procession is followed by huge drum beating and cymbals. Lots of noise and colorful ethic dresses in red turn the streets into a multi-colored festivity. They burn firecrackers to keep the dragon awake since it hibernates for most part of the year as per their belief.


Japan too followed the Chinese lunar calendar a few centuries ago. However, since 1873, it celebrates the New Year as per the Gregorian calendar. People here visit temples and pay homage to the departed and pray for good harvest. To ward away evil, they ring the temple bells for 108 times. Elders give gifts to younger and traditional sweet dish caked Mochis, which is made of rice is consumed.


New Year celebration in France starts from midnight. People organize parties and serve champagne and food to friends and family. They sing the New Year song and revel in lots of fun activities, lighting, and fireworks. Those living close to the border of Spain gather at a church and take out a torchlight procession after the service. The procession ends at a vineyard where they drink wine.


Spaniards enjoy the New Year with drinks, food, and dance. They follow an age-old tradition of eating twelve grapes, one with each stroke of the clock at twelve. The grapes are symbolic for the New Year’s twelve months and are believed to bring good luck for the whole year. People in the cities gather at a square and follow the custom with cava, a white sparkling wine.


New Year celebration in Dubai is a real spectacle. It is always special, splendid, and magnificent. The city holds its reputation of creating everything larger than life. There is an extravaganza of firework display everywhere in the city. When the firework starts, the entire area turns into a daylight. The best thing about the New Year event in Dubai is that it is held at the iconic landmarks, beaches, on dhows and cruises, and all the hotels located throughout the city. In fact, the parties arranged at hotels are perfect settings to experience grandeur. People also the beach parties where dance, music, and top bands from the world perform. The sparkling fireworks above the water and in the sky are unforgettable sights.

New Year around the world is celebrated in a diverse manner. Wherever you want to enjoy it, just contact us. We will take care of everything from visa, hotel accommodation, airport transfers, etc.

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