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 National ID

National ID means National Identification of a citizen of a country which is denoted by a unique number.  National ID or National Identification Number is vastly important for a country’s citizens. There are two types of National ID. One for the permanent citizen and the other is for the temporary citizen who is living as a guest in the country.

There are so many countries that use national ID for their citizens. The government creates the National ID for the purpose of taxation, passport, for the government agencies and so on.

Bangladesh has a National ID for its citizens. The Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) was responsible for creating National IDs for the country. The Bangladesh Election Commission, in partnership with the Bangladesh Army, established the Bangladesh Voter Registration Project to digitally register all legal Voters in the country in advance of general elections in December 2008. The biometric registration of voters which began in early 2007 resulted in a database that included photographic and fingerprint records for 80 million voters. BEC mainly created a voter registration ID for the purpose of voting because they faced many difficulties in the previous years during voting periods. They also created a database for the people of 18 years and above. The database contains several information of a citizen of Bangladesh such as name, father’s name, mother’s name, husband’s name (in case of married women), address, birth date and so on. With this information they created a Voter registration ID which was called National ID.

Structure of the ID

Our National ID number contains 13 digits. The structure is « DDRTTUUSSSSSS« . The 1st two digits « DD » for District code of the ID holder, next one digit « R » for R.M.O code, the next two digits « TT » for Thana code, next two « UU » are for Union code and the last « SSSSSS » six digits are a sequential number for each citizen of the country. The figure shown below shows the structure of the National ID of Bangladesh which has been created by BEC (Bangladesh Election Commission).

Here,                DD = Code for district

                                      R= code for R.M.O

                                    TT = code for Thana

                                    UU = code for Union

                                    SSSSSS = a serial number for the card holder

Some examples of National ID of Bangladesh are given below:

  1. 3921507785193

In this example the 1st two digits are district code which is the code of district Jamalpur. Next one digit for R.M.O and the next two digits for Thana Deoangonj, next two are for Union and the last six digits is a serial number. That means the next number is 3921507785194 for same district, same R.M.O, same Thana, same union.

  1. 2613869365057

It is another example of National ID structure. We can see that the number holder is citizen of Dhaka, and the location is in keranigonj thana, subadda union and the serial number is « 365057 ».  So it is clear that « 26 » is the code of Dhaka district, « 1 » for R.M.O which name is south keranigong, « 38 » for thana keranigong and « 69 » is for the union subadda.

Purpose of National ID

The National ID holds a great advantage for the citizen of any country Illegal people cannot stay in a country without permission of the government of that country. National ID can be used for the purpose of citizenship , permanent residents ,work, taxation, government benefits, health care and other government-related functions. Our National ID is appeared on an identity card issued by the Election Commission.

Although there was a policy adopted that the ID would be used in opening Bank Accounts and the ID card holder would get 22 additional benefits .Meanwhile our National ID is mainly used for the purpose of voting. Still now there is beneficial use of the National ID.

Our National ID system

There is some limitation in our National ID. The main limitation is the ID is the structure of the ID. No system for ID validation and verification. An individual can easily make an illegal ID. Recent newspaper reports show that how easily one can get a fake ID. 

Types of error may occur in entering National ID

The typing error is a major error which can occur while entering the data. There are three types of typing error. The errors are as follows:

  1. i.              Transposition errors
  2. ii.            Transcription errors
  3. iii.           Omission errors

The description is given below:

Transposition Errors

These occur when people entering data get characters out of order or back to front (e.g. 619 instead of 916 or ‘form’ instead of ‘from’).

These occur when people entering data get characters out of order or back to front (e.g. 619 instead of 916 or ‘form’ instead of ‘from’).An example about the Transposition Error is provided taking a National ID number . In our example the given ID is 2613869365057. The error occurred when the data entry employee enter the number into the database. The person may be in a hurry and thus type in quickly and by mistake make a transposition error.

The11th and 12th digits positions are changed. The digit of 11th position is going to the 12th digit position mistakenly. The mistake can occur at any position. That’s why the ID holder’s entire information may change and there is no system to recover it. The checker can’t understand that where the error has occurred without checking again. But the database is so large that it is not possible to check the ID numbers line by line. It is a great fault of our ID system.

Considering a situation where the ID holder is Md. Jhaghlul Haider. Let us suppose that he went to the Passport Office for getting his passport number. Now on checking it is found that his passport number has not been authorized. This has occurred because of the above error. Instead of Md Jhaghlul Haider someone else would get the passport number.  

Transcription Errors

These usually occur when people entering data misread what they are entering (e.g. mistaking 5 for S or O for 0). The Transcription Error is also a great mistake by the typist. The Id holder might be changed by Transposition Errors but on the occasion of Transcription Errors the database would never be able to find the card holder.

We can see the 10th position digit was 5 but mistakenly it turned to S. If the digit stream is entered into the database of the passport office then the query’s outcome would be « There is no holder like that you want ».

Omission Error

When a particular item of data is omitted (left out). E.g.: copute is written instead of computer. The following example is with the given National ID 2613869365057

According to the definition of Omission Error the result is given above. The real number is of 13 digits and after the Omission error the number is converting to 12 digits.

There is some limitation in our National ID system. The main problem is ID verification. This is the main propose in our proposal. Our proposals regarding National ID are given below:

New Structure for National ID

 We already said that the main limitation of the National ID structure of Bangladesh is the verification problem. Another big problem is that anyone can easily make a fake ID card.

Now we look towards error detection method. There are so many error detection methods in computer science. One of them is Checksum method.

When we studied the National Id structure of other countries of the world, we found that they use different methods for verifying their ID. The most reliable method is adding a checksum digit with the national ID. The checksum digit is generated from the over all ID calculation. By the check digit we can verify the validity of the ID holder.


 A checksum or hash sum is a fixed-size data computed from an arbitrary block of digital data for the purpose of detecting accidental errors that may have been introduced during its transmissions or storage. The integrity of the data can be checked at any later time by recalculating the checksum and comparing it with the stored one. If the checksums do not match, the data has been certainly altered.

Solution to the Problem

We provide a new ID that contains a check digit with the existing ID. So the proposal is as   follows:


Here,                DD = Code for district

                                      R= code for R.M.O

                                    TT = code for Thana

                                    UU = code for Union

                                    SSSSSS = a serial number for the card holder

                                     C = checksum digit

In the ID Structure above the 1st two digits « DD » denote code for district in which the card holder was born. The next digit « R » is for R.M.O of the card holder, the next two digits « TT » is for Thana, next two digits « UU » is for Union and the last five digits « SSSSSS » is a serial number for the card holder. That means if the number is 112233, then the next ID number is 112234. The last digit is a check digit, which is the result of the total ID stream. This method will be discussed later. We add a check digit so that we can easily calculate the validity of the ID. That is very important for our system because without verification we can not have the proper use of the ID in any sector.

Scopes of our proposal

Voter ID

The first benefit of our proposal is to use the National ID number in the purpose of voting. We all knew that the ID we received would allow us to vote. Our National ID which is called « voter registration ID » was not properly used. Although we got the IDs, we were given separate voting numbers and on that basis we gave our vote. Even some people got the number on the voting day. That number was considered as our voter ID. So it is clear that the National ID and the Voter ID is not the same or is not used in a proper way. In our proposal we provide an ID that can be used for the purpose of voting also.

Birth registration

The description is as follows: suppose X was born last night. Parents of X have to go to the local commissioner’s office for registering the birth of their child. The office gives a birth registration form to the parents. They have to fill up the form, which contains fields such as name, date of birth, birth place, parent’s name, and nationality and so on. According to the information they (employees of the Commission Office) would create an ID for the child. The ID holder gets the ID before he/she appears for S.S.C examinations.

In the existing system the birth registration ID and National ID are not the same. So it is difficult to remember and carry the two ID and use them for different purposes. So we propose to use the same ID in different purposes. So if the ID is created during the birth registration process then it would be a great advantage.

Result of S.S.C and H.S.C

The errors discussed above may occur in S.S.C or H.S.C results also. Above one lack students take part in the S.S.C or H.S.C examinations. After completing their examinations they get their results after two months. If a transposition error occurs in the result of any one student. Suppose the roll number of the student who appeared for the S.S.C examination is 11225566. After the error the roll number turns to 11225656.Then the deserving candidate would receive a complete false result sheet.   

Digital Passport

Getting a passport in our country is a very lengthy and expensive process. One has to go to the passport office, fill up a form and then the form verification takes a long time to complete.

Now we are hearing that our government is making a central database for the citizens. So if it is made then getting a passport would be a matter of few hours.

If a person holds a National ID, then he or she just needs to provide the ID card to the passport office. The officer in charge would look into the database for the ID number along with the ID holder’s relevant information. After getting the ID, the ID would then be verified by our proposed system. If the ID is valid then the passport of the person can be processed and delivered within few hours. In this way one can get a passport in a very quick time.        

Bank Account

National ID can also be used in opening a bank account. We can use our system in the Bank for ID checking.

Tax ID

Bangladesh is a developing country. It is a small country is size but large in population. People of different occupations live in the country. Every year the government makes a lot of money from tax .The government has some rules and regulation for taxation. The tax office can verify the ID of the people who are eligible for tax using our verification system.

Source by Md. Jhaghlul Haider

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