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My wife is always unhappy is a phrase that no married man wants to find himself thinking. Marriage is a committed partnership and what one partner feels will always have an impact on the other. It’s emotionally challenging to live in a relationship where your partner is moody, distant or angry. Trying to help them feel better is no easy task unless you have some insight into what is causing them to feel the way they do. When it comes to your wife’s unhappiness, it’s important for you to try and determine what has caused her to reach this point and what, if anything, you can do to brighten her mood and improve your relationship. If you love her and you are devoted to the ongoing growth of your marriage, it’s time for you to work on helping her feel better.

Women are obviously unhappy for many reasons but within a marriage there are often some clues as to where her negative mood is coming from. If there has been an ongoing conflict between you and your wife she may be holding it inside her. She may be unable to let her resentment or sadness over the matter go and it’s slowly eating away at her disposition. Think about what you two have been struggling over lately and what you can do, right now, to change it. Compromise will likely be part of the equation and although it may take more negotiation on your part, it’s worth it if you get to reclaim the happy and content woman you married.

Some women fall into the pit of depression because they feel unfulfilled with their lives. You can often determine if this is what your wife is experiencing based on small clues in what she talks about. If she often says she wishes she would have pursued her career or she wonders what her life is about, she is struggling with her own identity as a woman. Talk to her about what it is that she’d enjoy doing for herself. It may be something as simple as taking a few night classes to chase a degree or maybe taking on a part time job. Whatever it is be as supportive as you can be. Helping her attain her goals and find her own identity again, outside of being a wife and a mother, can help you two feel closer again. All women want to know that their husbands believe in them.

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