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Murfreesboro Tennessee taxi cab flat rates verses metered fares.
In towns and munincipalities where taxi meters are not required, taxi companies charge flat rates.  In some cases this can be good for the customer except in cases where the cab service over charges.  Flat rates are generally zoned and are based on an approximate charge per mile within a certain radius of the city square.  Some taxis in Murfreesboro are leased to the driver causing pricing wars within the taxi service.  Customers have complained they were charged different rates by different drivers.  Lease programs only work where meters are used and then flat rates are negotiated between the customer and taxicab driver.  It is very difficult to quote a price using meters because the rate is calculated by distance and can only be an estimate unless the exact mileage is known.  In Nashville, a flat rate is use for airport transportation only and the taxi meter is used for all other fares.  In Murfreesboro, flat fares are used for all ground transportation-there are no meters.  One taxi organization in Murfreesboro called Boro Cab has been using the flat rate system since its conception in 2009.  Their consistant pricing and low fares have made them the prefered choice for transportation service in Rutherford and Williamson counties and other areas of Middle Tennessee.  They also offer flat rates for small package delivery.

What options are available when looking for airport transportation in Murfreesboro Tennessee? First you could take a shuttle.  The per person price will be lower than most other forms of ground transportation but you will have to plan to leave early.  Most shuttle services are shared rides and make several stops on the way to the airport.  You have to leave as much as four hours earlier to prepare for delays.  When there are more than one passenger going to the airport the rate will be higher than a taxi.  Taxis like Boro Cab in Murfreesboro charge a flat rate and only one dollar for each additional passenger. This makes for a cost effective alternative to shuttle service.  Airport parking is another alternative to airport transportation services but can be costly when your trip takes you away for several days or weeks.  Another advantage to taking a cab or car hire is door to door service.  Flat rates, a non stop ride and a private car service are your advantages in taking livery service instead of shuttles.  Limousines are another form of airport travel but are obviously more expensive than shared rides or taxi cabs.

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