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The following are five things that model agencies in Dubai or any other country will never ask you. These are vital to know when looking for a legitimate agency and finding a reputable one that has your best interests at heart.

They include:

• No money up front or even the suggestion of it – A reputable agent even in Dubai with take up to 15% only in a cut for your modeling earnings, never asking for handling, signing or any type of agency fees, not even a sign-up fee.

• No payments for test photos shots or building a modeling portfolio – A reputable agent even in Dubai will put their investment into you and regain their monetary investment back when they find you work. Your test photo shots will be arranged for you and your only obligation is to turn up on time and have a positive type of attitude. In fact, most of them will have pre-arranged contracts with their photographers and any make up artisans, whom they will pay themselves and fork out of their own budget to create your new portfolio. However, if the agent thinks you have real talent then would not even suggest monetary funding from you for your portfolio.

• No money up front for comp cards – Comp cards are like business cards for models, being the same size as a standard photo album photo and consist of about three to five good photos of you with varied looks, including a bio (hair color, eye color, weight, height, age, plus shoe size). You may wish to pay for this for yourself in advance, but this is only done if there are no offers of work available or in the foreseeable future. Your agent will wish to represent you and develop you as they see fit and so they will invest in this on your behalf. This may also include Internet tool promotions and web profiling.

• Modeling lessons should not cost you a penny – A good agency that see talent in you will invest in you, even for modeling lessons to develop you further. For them modeling is a big business and they understand fully the risks involved in investing in you. If they suggest classes to you for posing or runways then take up the offer, but never do it should you have to put money up front.

• No distasteful, suggestive or nude photos will be asked for or suggested – Quality agents will never ask such things of any model, even a new talent when they are signing up, but some models are specially trained for these type of shots and agents dealing in these should clearly identify the type of work they offer only experienced models. You, however, may have to take a bikini photo or wear lingerie. These will always be tasteful, innocent looking and never revealing or provocative in nature. If an agent asks for sexually explicit or sexually revealing shots then you are wise to walk out, whether in Dubai or not.

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