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You have seen it before as you wait at a crowded baggage claim, the affluent passenger whose chauffeur is pulling their bag off the conveyer and then whisking them away in a stretch limousine – you wish that could be you. But this isn’t just another rich tourist; this is someone who has, believe it or not, just returned from getting plastic surgery.  Mexico is increasingly becoming the hot spot for all types of plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery centers in Mexico are very popular for U.S. and other foreign patients interested in saving money while still receiving high quality care. Because of Americans’ paranoia about Mexican standards of care, these surgery centers often go overboard in an effort to ease fears like providing chauffeurs to and from the airport, including luxury hotel accommodations, and in short making the experience more of a vacation than a hospital stay.

Of course, the value of Mexico in terms of cost is significant to the prospective patient. If you are considering plastic surgery, Mexico clinics can often can save you as much as 50% on the surgery, and because these centers are sensitive about the care their patients get, they often provide longer hospital stays in upgraded rooms. Quality should not be a concern since these doctors are required to complete rigorous surgical training and certify under a board of examiners to ensure their competence.

Patients who continue to diet after weight loss surgery often find themselves in need of plastic surgery. For example, if you enjoyed success with lap band surgery, then Mexico is a great place to get a tummy tuck as you try to firm up your body through exercise and dieting. With such savings, you can return over and over as you progress on your journey of self-improvement.

Many patients venturing to Mexico for plastic surgery have also uncovered cosmetic dentistry in Mexico. These dentists are well educated, experienced and board certified. These dentists use the best dental equipment and can offer very competitive prices on the latest implants, bonding and whitening.  Whatever your needs are, from plastic surgery to cosmetic dentistry, in Mexico it’s all at your fingertips with prices you can afford!

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