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Just imagine soaking the sun rays on St. Thomas and touring some of the ancient ruins. Stand in the footsteps of people who changed the world, like Sir Francis Drake. Recover from the stress and frustration of modern city life, and do so at agent only prices. Following are some of the highlights of a trip to St. Thomas.

Tillett Gardens . Tillett Gardens was once an old Danish farm. While it has been largely changed in order to incorporate present uses; it is one of the few old farm buildings on St. Thomas that is open to the public. It was transformed into a center for local artists and performers by Jim Tillett, an English silkscreen artist, who arrived on St. Thomas in 1959. Tillett described the garden as « a peaceful sanctuary of creativity and wonderment. » In the shops at Tillett Gardens, you will find silkscreen prints, paintings, enamel jewelry, candles and many other locally hand-crafted items. There is a lovely restaurant located in the garden. It is a great spot to enjoy a cool drink or have something to eat while shopping for local art. Arts and crafts shows and classical music concerts are hosted at Tillett Gardens throughout the year.

Frenchtown. Frenchtown is located about a half-mile southwest of Charlotte Amalie. It is popular with tourists and locals for its restaurants and bars. Frenchtown was settled by immigrants from the French Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy in the late 1800’s through mid-1900’s. Many of the men were fishermen and so the area became a fishing village and is still today. In the early morning you can watch fishermen coming in with their small fishing boats, or cleaning and selling their catches from the jetties and from the Quetel Fish Market. Many of the older French people still speak Creole, a French dialect. In the middle of Frenchtown is a hill crowned by St. Ann’s Catholic Church. A small museum contains several hundred artifacts of historical interest related to the area and to the French community including photographs, pottery, tools and furniture. The French Heritage Museum is located next to the Joseph Aubain ballpark.

Red Hook: Originally the Red Hook area was a little town connected to the rest of the island by dirt roads. Today, it has become a busy village. There are various stores located there, many of which cater to the boating community. Ferries to St. John and the British Virgin Islands depart from the Red Hook Ferry Dock. Many charter boat companies are located in the vicinity as there are numerous marinas in the area. Red Hook is home to several good bars and restaurants.

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