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List building by means of JV Partners is among the best and fastest ways of growing your subscribers list. Let me share to you some of the strategies on how to build your list by means of JV partners.

1. Finding Potential Joint Venture Partners

One of the best way to locate JV partners is to easily join several lists within your niche. You will be able to easily find these potential joint venture partners by searching « your niche forums » or « your niche newsletter/ezine ». You may join as numerous as you think you possibly can handle, and check out the earliest emails that comes into your email.

List owners and potential joint venture partners are most likely accept your offer, as it can benefit them just same as yours. Just make sure to provide quality and valuable offer, and make sure that your list is responsive, to be fair.

2. The Size Of Your List Matters

The perfect JV partner must have a list size similar to yours. if you have 500 subscribers, then you need to look for somebody which has 500 subscribers as well, at least within that range, or who is eager to give you 500 names if he has bigger list.

Doesn’t matter what you need to do, it goes without saying that list ad swaps need to be extremely related to the readers on both lists. It benefits nobody if ever the fit is completely incorrect.

3. The Quality Of Your Offer

Aside from the list size, successful joint venture partnership relies on quality. If you are thinking of running a junk list where you are simply spamming your subscribers with advertisements, then nobody would want to swap with you, because most likely you will not give them enough click that they are looking for, and if that will be the case, you are the only one who will benefit if they have a quality, responsive list.

4. Work out caution

Prior to agreeing to do a list swap, perform a tiny experiment first. Agree to swap, let’s say, 30% of your lists to determine what the reply is. You may choose to even perform little test runs with different email teasers to find out what works best. This is as much art as it is science, so be prepared to do some testing prior to both fully decide to a large swap.

Some words of advice: An additional method of list building with JV partners is to offer to perform a few guest writing for blog owners in addition to list owners. These people have to provide content regularly, and may even accept someone who writes perfectly and can relieve them of some of the burden. Your content will obviously be included by your authors bio box, that will connect to both a sign up page for your newsletter or a sales page that you manage and where you could possibly collect names. Apply this tactic on its own or along with the preceding list building advice.

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