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The Star Wars Lego set, Republic Attack Shuttle is a model of the Nu-class attack shuttle as featured in the Clone Wars television series. The shuttle is a precursor to the Imperial Shuttle featured in the Original Star Wars movies, notably Episode Six, delivering both Darth Vader and The Emperor to the New Death Star. This shuttle first appeared in the Clone Wars movie, shipping Anakin Skywalker’s new padawan, Ahsoka Tano  to Christophsis during a heavy battle.

The set comes with only three minifigures including a clone trooper, a clone pilot and the first Mace Windu since 2005’s Clone Turbo Tank and thankfully there is no light-up lightsaber gimmick on this new figure. As part of the Clone wars TV series line of figures he has different, slightly cartoony, facial details but still retains his signature purple lightsaber.

Priced at $59.99, this set comes with 636 pieces so it is a surprisingly large set. The shuttle vehicle measures 9.5″ (24cm) long and has an 18″ (45cm) wingspan. Living up to its name the attack shuttle has a number of weapons including spinning turrets at the front and a large array of flick fire missiles on the top that are activated by a button at the back while bombs can be dropped from an area under the wings. The wings lift up, much like the Imperial Shuttle and the V-19 Torrent model (7674), but there are no gears so they simply fall down into place.

The opening cockpit fits two clone troopers comfortably and there is a concealed mechanism to open a storage area which constitutes the top and middle of the ship. Inside there is room for Mace Windu and anther clone to sit.

Overall this is a surprise of a set. While not as large as the Republic Gunship (7676) or the AT-TE (7675) it is still quite a significant set with many tight design features and a high degree of playability, not to mention a very cool Mace Windu figure.

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