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Jumeirah is believed to be one of the most exclusive places in Dubai and the elegant Jumeirah mosque is part of it. Jumeirah mosque was built in 1978 and is the only mosque in Dubai in which non-Muslims are allowed a tour. This stone structure was built during the time Fatimid, the Islamic dynasty ruled Egypt.

Inside the mosque: You will rarely find pictures or paintings inside the mosque, as Islam (the religion of the Muslims) is forbidden to create or worship pictures of living beings except plants. Instead, the interiors are decorated with elaborate ornamental patterns and writings in Arabic.

Anyone entering the mosque needs to wear appropriate clothes as a sign of respect. You will also be asked to remove your shoes before stepping in. But a Muslim goes through a long traditional cleansing ritual before entering the mosque. As they always face Mecca while praying, the Qibla wall of the mosque also faces Mecca.

Learning about Islam through the Jumeirah mosque has become possible for residents and tourists alike because of the initiative taken by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre of Cultural Understanding. The very purpose of organizing these tours was to eliminate the occurrence of cast differences.

Before a visit to the famous Al Bastakia, our Dubai Tour Company – One World Travel and Tourism lets you experience the everlasting divinity of the beautiful mosque in Jumeirah. Our tour operator’s at One World Travels will be more than happy to guide visitors on their Jumeirah mosque tour to help increase their understanding of the Islamic faith.

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