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A joint venture loan is one that is created through an affiliation in which both parties will share the losses or profits of the venture. It is similar to a partnership in that respect and a formal agreement is in effect between the parties. It is different from a partnership in that this specific venture is for one particular project only. The relationship between the two parties does not extend beyond this one project.

A borrower might choose to acquire a joint venture loan over conventional loans for a number of reasons. Developers might seek out a joint venture loan when the need for additional capital is realized.

The sums that are borrowed for large commercial projects are huge and sharing the equity in the project with the lender is sometimes more agreeable than debt financing. This type of loan is sometimes referred to as an equity loan for a commercial project.
A joint venture loan is set up so that it helps to maximize the cash flow to create the most advantageous scenario for the investors. This type of loan can be used to finance a wide range of projects. In order to qualify for such a loan, for more detail visit www.joint-venture-softwares.com the borrower needs to show that he has real equity to back up the loan or the venture has at least 10 % of the equity invested in cash.

A joint venture loan is usually acquired from a private investor or an investment bank, typically located in a geographic area near the borrower, and interested in that particular type of project. Private investors generally look for a project that displays a great potential for profit.

The borrower typically has a solid idea for the project as well as a strong company. He is, however, lacking opportunity capital. A joint venture loan enables two parties with individual strengths to join together to form an alliance whose sum total is much stronger than the individual entities. The individual expertise of each party is used to create optimal performance of the project.

Due diligence and proper planning is part of the process for acquiring a joint venture loan. Joint venture loans usually have short terms such as 3 to 5 years for their disposition. Commercial projects that qualify for this type of loan have attractive equity. This is one of many characteristics of a system that makes it well worth a good look if you want to start building JV relationships. For more detail visit www.jointwebventures.com You can find out more about this viral list building technique by visiting the author’s resources listed below. Whether you are looking to build a list or promote a particular product or service, the power of this kind of marketing is undeniable.

Projects that might qualify for joint venture loans include Commercial Hi-Rise, Commercial Mixed Use, Shopping Centers and Malls, Residential Developments, Hotels, Luxury Housing Developments, Resorts, Casinos, Medial Facilities, Entertainment/Sports Facilities, Office Buildings/Parks, Transportation Facilities, and more.

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