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Most likely your effectiveness in your badminton game will be affected or will go nowhere if without proper badminton footwork. Certainly badminton footwork the primary as well as crucial to thorough performance in badminton arena and on the badminton court.

Stategies to better your own Badminton Footwork
·    Stretching
·    Skipping
·    Expert coach
·    exercises

Stretching is necessary to your footwork whenever you’re trying to play your own game of badminton or with almost every game. Therefore, preferably previous to just about every major match or competition that you’re slated to engage in, and even all the time as part of your regimen exercise schedule, be sure that you stretch out constantly and often. This will ensure that your muscles are taut, the blood circulation is actually sleek and you will reach out to help make all the right moves and the desired shots.

Skipping is another fantastic way of improving your badminton Footwork. What skipping basically does is make you nimble footed as it demands that you are continuously on your toes, improving your overall on court agility.

The option of having an expert coach to guide you on your footwork is definitely there, and you must exercise that option as far as possible. Having been through the grind themselves, they know what it takes to be at the helm of affairs in a game of badminton, and therefore, while guiding you on all the requisite shots and moves, they’re going to at the same time assist you on applicable badminton Footwork.

There are lots of workouts that happen to be intended to develop your footwork while on the badminton court. For the leg muscles, you could consider practicing with the help of motion dance, aerobics, jogging, canoeing, running, basic leg lifts and even walking. For your abdominals, arms and wrists, you could try out windmills, arm lifts, aerobics as well as light weight punches.

In additional, you can try  while on the badminton court some specific aspects or positions that could go a long way in improving your Badminton Footwork.
1. Position yourself lightly on the heels of your feet. This allows rapid movement and quick reaction, which is otherwise hindered in other positions.
2. Practice lunging forward as it definitely helps in covering a significant distance within a very short span of time.
3. You should also practice recovering to your base position as it will help you in your agility and imbibe within you the ability to quickly get back into position.
4. For accurate footwork, it is crucial that your eyes are always riveted on the shuttlecock. Try not to take your eyes off it at any time. Following the movement of the shuttlecock is both elementary as well as vital to success in the game of badminton.
5. Your steps should always be short and quick. This will enable fast action throughout the court without getting tired. Your reach for the cock will also improve dramatically.
6. Last but not least, keep in mind that the last step that you take just before hitting the shuttle should always be your racket foot. This in a way makes certain that you actually ‘put your best foot forward’ while hitting the shuttlecock.
As you can clearly see, the game of badminton absolutely requires agile and nimble footwork.

Carry out all the points enlisted above, and you can be certain of having the ideal badminton Footwork that could bring you to the top of the game within no time!

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